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Media representatives will find our media releases, basic texts, image and video material as well as the contact for media enquiries here. We support journalists in their research and organise individual media trips to Davos Klosters. We look forward to publications - whether in print, electronic and digital media or on social media platforms and blogs.


Travel and Tourism journalists

The communications department of the Davos Klosters tourism organisation is responsible for tourism media relations.


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Destination Davos Klosters

Tourismus- und Sportzentrum
7270 Davos Platz

Questions about the mountain railways

For specific questions and statistics about the mountain railways, please contact the Davos Klosters Bergbahnen directly.


Your press contact


Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG

Brämabüelstrasse 11
7270 Davos Platz

How we support media trips

From the arrival to guides and additional programmes: Here you can find out in detail how we support journalists in their research on site in Davos Klosters. Clear and transparent.

  • Arrival

    If your planned publication is in our area of interest, we cooperate with Switzerland Tourism, Swiss Travel System as well as the regional partner Graubünden Ferien and the Rhaetian Railway (RhB). This means that we provide joint support with flight and train tickets where possible. For this we need all coordinates including passport details, exact arrival/departure dates and times, or exact transfer connections. In general, we do not support travel by private car.

  • Number of nights

    Destination Davos Klosters supports media trips with a maximum of three overnight stays on site. We select the hotel category, unless you take a closer look at an explicit hotel in your article. Then we request an overnight stay at the desired hotel.


  • Accompanying persons

    Professional accompanying persons
    Certain research projects require an accompanying person, such as a professional photographer for photos, a cameraman for filming or a model. In such cases, we will check whether we can co-finance the additional persons.

    Private accompanying persons
    We ask our service partners whether the person may stay in the same room. Any costs are to be borne privately. The same applies to catering services, rental material, event tickets, etc.

  • Mountain railway tickets

    Winter season
    We support with ski tickets, as long as the corresponding chosen ski area (Jakobshorn, Parsenn, Rinerhorn, Madrisa, Pischa or Schatzalp-Strela) is the destination of the research. 

    Summer season
    We provide support with mountain railway tickets, provided that the corresponding starting/ending point is the target of the search.


  • Guides

    If your research programme requires a guide on site for safety reasons, such as on a ski tour, we will take care of organising and financing the guide.


  • Interview partner

    If you wish, we can organise suitable interview partners for your topic. The best thing is to do your research well in advance and let us know your wishes.


  • Rental equipment

    We support you with media trips in cooperation with our partners:

    In winter
    Ski equipment, snowboard equipment, cross-country ski equipment, snowshoes, sledges, skates, fatbikes, airboards

    In summer
    Hiking poles, wakeboards, windsurf boards, stand-up paddles, mountain bikes, e-bikes

    Good to know
    In order for us to reserve the right rental equipment for you in advance, we need your shoe size, height, weight and sport and fitness level (beginner, advanced or professional). 

  • Blacklist for dubious enquiries

    If your enquiry is not serious or if it gives the impression that self-interest is being extracted without publishing, we reserve the right to report your coordinates to the usual media outlets within the Switzerland Tourism Network. And, if necessary, to put your contact on the blacklist.


  • Catering services

    The media trips in Davos Klosters are based on half board.

    Mineral water, coffee or tea, one glass of wine or beer per person.

    External catering
    If the research trip requires an external catering package, we will cooperate with our service providers after reviewing the corresponding request.

  • Additional programmes

    Additional programmes for which a fee is charged
    If your research requires additional programmes for which a fee is charged, we will assume the costs and organisation if they will be part of the publication.

    Participation in our guest programmes 
    If you would like to participate in our guest programmes in winter or summer for the purpose of research, please let us know the exact date and topic.  Registration is binding.

    Event tickets
    If your research requires event tickets, we will be happy to provide them, provided they are part of the publication.


Media policy & accreditation for media trips

We are happy to support media representatives who would like to report on Davos Klosters. Please refer to our media policy and fill out the accreditation form.

Our target media include print, online and electronic media with a focus on sports, nature, culture and family topics. We also support influencers and bloggers, as long as the focus of the platforms is on the topics mentioned and the quality of the content is right. Their readership should also be at home in our target markets: 

  1. Switzerland
  2. Germany
  3. UK, Benelux
  4. USA, Nordics, Czech Republic
  5. Greater China, SE Asia, Middle East, Russia (developing/observed markets)

For further questions, please contact us by e-mail at medien@davos.ch.

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