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Mountain lakes

Mountain lakes

Find true refreshment in the mountains

Escape the heat

The air flickers, the sun is burning, the sweat runs. Luckily, it's weekend. This is your chance to escape the heat. We show you the most beautiful ways to refresh in Davos Klosters.

During the day up to 35 degrees and at night only little cooling: In many places in Switzerland the temperatures are still well above 20 degrees after the darkening - and the heat remains. Tropical nights. It's a different situation in Davos Klosters: Guests enjoy fresh air and sleep at night relaxed with the window open. There are also various cooling options during the day. Also hikes to higher locations offer soothing coolness. It is even easier to reach the summit by mountain railway.

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Escape the heat

Lake Seetal

Lake Seetalsee is easily accessible from the southern side via the Monbiel side valley and Alp Sardasca. In the summer months Gotschna Taxi offers regular trips from Klosters to Alp Sardasca and back. From Sardasca, the Seetalsee lake can be reached in approx. 1 h 15 min. The Seetalhütte, a small, unstaffed SAC hut, is located at the lake at 2,064 m above sea level. With its simple furnishings, it is reminiscent of the pioneering days of huts.

Lake Schlappin

The trail leads from the mountain station of the Madrisa gondola via the Zügenhüttli and onward to the Schlappiner Joch. From there it descends steeply to Schlappin. Directly adjacent to the lake there is the mountain restaurant Erika – perfect for a bite to eat. There are also very attractive barbecue spots right next to the lake.

Lake Grialetsch

The lake is located close to the SAC Grialetschhütte mountain lodge. The lodge lies at an altitude of 2,542 m.a.s.l. between the Davos region and the Lower Engadine. The lodge and the mountain lake can be easily reached in summer from Dürrboden in the Dischma Valley. Around Grialetsch, you can reach six peaks, each over 3,000 m.a.s.l. 

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