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World's finest meeting place

World's finest meeting place

Leader in the global meeting market

Davos is the clear alpine leader in the global meeting market with more than 400 events per year. With good reason: Davos has a rich tradition in hosting congresses. Here, you will find the most modern congress centre in the Alps, which even attracts the World Economic Forum (WEF) – this has made Davos a household name in the international world of business. Davos offers 100 different meeting rooms with a capacity of over 15’000 participants.

Meetings and congresses were first held in Davos back in the 19th century: famous guests and doctors from across Europe stayed in the popular mountain health resort to exchange their latest findings. In 1923, Davos doctors organised the first international congress. The Physical-Meteorological Observatory followed in 1925, and Albert Einstein opened the first university course in Davos in 1928. This elevated Davos to the status of a congress city and it began to be recognised as a meeting point for the intellectual elite.

Davos is the leading meeting place in the mountains

In order to fulfil this claim, the political and economic powers in Davos are pulling together - and even the residents are standing behind this ambition. The much quoted "Spirit of Davos" is no apparition. It is in fact one of the reasons for Davos’ success as a meeting place. Here at 1,560 m above sea level, despite the city infrastructure, nature is the headline act and gives the congress delegates the feeling of being a small part of a whole. It is this atmosphere that makes it even easier to find compromises and solutions that would have been unimaginable elsewhere.

Perfect for medical congresses

There are strict guidelines for events such as medical or pharmacological congresses sponsored by industry corporations. These rules and standards stipulate that the main purpose of the medical congress must be the communication of scientific or technical information. The congress time needs to significantly outweigh the time set aside for any supporting events. Davos takes these guidelines extremely seriously, draws attention to them in all publications and agreements and fully complies with them.


The conference organisers acknowledge this dedication with their loyalty. Not without reason: in other congress cities, there is usually limited time for delegates’ business meetings and leisure programmes. However, the mountain village atmosphere of Davos facilitates a clear focus on the congress and leaves plenty of time for other things.

Davos fulfils all the requirements for medical congresses in Switzerland, which are detailed in the following guidelines:

  • Code of Conduct for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Switzerland (Pharma Codex)
  • SWISS MEDTECH Code of Ethical Business Conduct
  • Guidelines set out by the Swiss Academy for Medical Sciences SAMW

Davos is "The best meeting place in the world", because:

  • Davos is a congress city with great traditions, and hosts one of the most well-known global meetings in the world, the World Economic Forum, for decades.
  • Davos offers familiarity in a "global village", and networking in a village atmosphere and city infrastructure in imposing mountainous surroundings. 
  • Davos, "Swissness at it’s Best" means:Security, reliability, quality, authenticity, nature, accuracy and stability in politics and economy. 
  • Davos offers the best and most modern congress infrastructure in the Alps. 
  • All Davos residents are pulling together - public authorities, industry and residents. 
  • Davos fulfils all conditions for medical congresses. 
  • Sustainability, nature and environmental responsibility are important in Davos. 
  • Davos is also a city of knowledge, health and research. 
  • The "Spirit of Davos" leads to outstandingly successful meetings. 
  • Davos offers hospitality all year round and unites urban and rural areas. 
  • Davos offers VAT, which is almost entirely refundable. 
  • Davos has with 7,7% the lowest VAT rate in Europe.
  • Davos is located in the heart of Europe: International airports, low cost carriers & high-speed trains nearby.
  • Davos offers free public transportation for hotel guests with overnight in summer time.
  • Davos offers high quality of hotel infrastructure in over 58 properties with over 27'000 guest beds.
  • Davos provides seminarhotels from 3-5* with modern meeting facilities.
  • Davos is Europe's most beautiful region with its lake surroungded my magnificent mountain scenery.
  • Davos is part of the Schengen-Area.
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