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Premium Card

Premium Card

New as of May 1, 2020

One card, many benefits

Davos Klosters launches the new Premium Card on 1 May 2020. Guests will benefit from numerous advantages and discounts.

Anyone who spends at least one night in a commercially rented establishment such as a hotel, holiday apartment or group accommodation in Davos Klosters will receive the new Davos Klosters Premium Card starting May 1, 2020. This guest card offers numerous advantages and discounts during your stay.

Public transport and guest programme from the first overnight stay

With the Premium Card, local public transport is on the spot from the first night (trips to the side valleys of Dischma, Sertig, Monstein, Davos Wiesen as well as Küblis excluded. They can be reached with a VBD day ticket for only CHF 10), some offers of the winter guest programme and the summer guest programme, such as a cultural-historical tour, are free of charge from the first overnight stay. Premium activities such as wakeboarding will cost ten francs from the 2020 summer season onwards. For events with a limited number of participants, such as a guided tour of the Silberberg show mine, the guest pays a participation fee of five francs.

Discounted mountain railways from the first night onwards

The Premium Card is particularly attractive for guests who wish to use a mountain railway in the summer season. From the first night onwards they benefit from greatly reduced prices: An adult person pays ten francs for a complete ascent and descent on a single mountain from the Davos Klosters Mountains (Jakobshorn, Parsenn, Gotschna, Rinerhorn, Madrisa). If you would like to use several mountains from the DKM on the same day, you can buy a day ticket for 15 francs. A ticket for Schatzalp is six francs. Children aged six to seventeen pay half each. Children under this age group travel free of charge.

Special prices for groups in hotels/camp accommodation

Groups are also delighted with the new Premium Card: when using the mountain railway, you benefit from an unbeatable special price of five francs for a complete ascent and descent on a single mountain from the Davos Klosters Mountains  (Jakobshorn, Parsenn, Gotschna, Rinerhorn, Madrisa) and three francs for Schatzalp. A group is defined as at least 20 participants and at least two consecutive overnight stays (according to guest tax law). There is no group discount on the day ticket.

Q&A about the new Premium Card

Although individual services such as cable car rides in summer or certain activities of the guest programme will cost something in future, the Davos Klosters Premium Card is an attractive offer for overnight guests. A brief explanation of the reason behind this.

When will the Premium Card be launched?

The Premium Card will be launched on 1 May 2020. 

Why is the use of the mountain railway no longer a free part of the guest card in the summer season?

When the "Davos Klosters Inclusive" offer with free use of the mountain railway was introduced in 2006, around 40,000 guests made use of it. By 2018, the figure had risen to around 189,000. This corresponds to an increase of 373 percent. A complete success in terms of tourism. But in the course of the past few years, the demands placed on mountain railways have risen markedly, with continuous opening hours and additional transport. The monetary compensation for the mountain railway companies, however, has remained the same since 2006. In short, an adjustment was necessary.

What effects did the sharp increase in the number of guests have?

The situation has aggravated the transport capacities of the mountain railways. In addition, the high frequencies increasingly led to guest complaints. The newly introduced special prices for cable car rides with the Premium Card from the first overnight stay onwards control capacities better than a free offer. This in turn improves the mountain experience for all guests.

Will there be any changes to the operating times of the mountain railways?

No, the operating times remain the same. From May to the end of October there is always at least one mountain railway operating. The destination of Davos Klosters is therefore one of the few areas in the Alpine region that makes a mountain trip possible during six months.

Why will there be a reservation fee for the guest programme from summer 2020?

The rush of visitors was not only evident in the mountain railways: The negative aspects of the free offer could also be seen in the summer guest programme. Although the offers were booked diligently, guests often did not show up without signing off. The so called "No show".

To what extent are such "no shows" problematic?

These so-called "no shows" became a problem especially for offers with a limited number of participants. Some events had to be cancelled due to a lack of participants even though the waiting list would have been full. However, costs were incurred because the guide had already been called up, for example. A participation fee should encourage guests to really visit the booked events.

How do these reservation fees actually look like?

  • Premium activities with limited number of participants: CHF 10
  • Events with limited number of participants: CHF 5
  • Offers that are carried out independently of the number of persons are still free of charge.

Does this participation fee now also apply to the winter guest programme?

Yes. This participation fee now also apply to the winter guest programme.

Guest taxes in Davos: a lot of service for little money

The guest taxes in Davos were last increased in 2006. Now this legally anchored tax will increase on 1 November 2019, thus ensuring a high-quality local tourist offer in the future.

It is now about 13 years since the Davos guest taxes were last increased. In the meantime, a lot has happened for the local guests: the two established guest programmes in summer and in winter are very popular - and have been continually expanded and improved over the years. The number of offers has been doubled. Likewise over the years the touristic infrastructure was extended: For example with the Davos World of Ice or the Trail crew Davos, which is tireless on duty for perfectly maintained trails for hikers, biker and trailrunner. The mountain railways have also continuously adapted to the wishes of guests and offer continuous opening hours as well as additional rides. In short: the tourist offer in Davos has been greatly expanded and broadened since 2006, but the guest taxes has always remained at the same level as then.

New guest taxes in Davos as of 1 November 2019
In Davos the guest taxes will officially be increased on 1 November 2019. The tax will be CHF 5.90 per overnight stay for one adult throughout the year. More money also means more service: Guests can now take the tourist bus lines to the side valleys of Dischma, Sertig, Monstein or Davos Wiesen at a reduced price - a day ticket is available at the special price of CHF 10.00 (half-fare travelcard and children CHF 5.00), valid from 15 December 2019. And that's not all: the increase in the guest tax also offers an extremely attractive daily price for the mountain railways in summer. Speaking about summer: The summer guest programme Active will be more strongly adapted to the needs of guests and further expanded – so it will start in 2020 as early as 1 May instead of mid-June. This includes many exclusive offers that have been appreciated by guests for years.

Guest taxes for the community of Klosters-Serneus

The new law on guest and tourism taxes was adopted by a referendum on 30 June 2019 by the Klosterser electorate. The introduction is scheduled for 1 November 2019.


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