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Running, hiking, walking

Running, hiking, walking

700 km of hiking trails with fantastic views

Enjoyment by the meter

Take a deep breath and start running: Welcome to the runners' paradise of Davos Klosters. Trail runners, competitive athletes and occasional joggers are always happier when they discover the countless possibilities of the Davos Klosters Runners' Paradise.

Whether early in the morning when the sun kisses the mountain peaks or in the evening just before the hare says good night to the fox: in Davos Klosters there is always the perfect moment for running enjoyment. Not only trail runners who zigzag over hill and dale, the Feelgood joggers who sweat on the wide, soft paths, but also competitive athletes with ambitious goals know this. They all find the perfect trail and let off steam in the open-air fitness studio with the feel-good factor Davos Klosters.

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