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Bad weather tips for families

Bad weather tips for families

Climbing, swimming and golfing


Extensive extension and renovation work on the Färbi sports hall will begin on 2 April 2024. During the construction work, which is expected to last until summer 2025, the sports hall will remain closed to the public. 

Guest programme
6 tips from the guest programme for rainy weather

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Rainy days: Best Time For Indoor Adventures

Climbing gyms, tennis courts, golf courses, an adventure and wellness pool: the sporty indoor offerings of Davos Klosters quickly make bad weather a secondary matter. Less sporty, but just as varied, are the destination's numerous museums. One of the highlights is yoga in the Kirchner Museum. And in the guest programme, culinary delights and enjoyment are not forgotten. 

A rainy day holds many an unforgettable experience in store - and what better time to discover them. The destination scores with a whole range of indoor adventures, such as the "eau-là-là" adventure pool, with its own wellness facility. Features include steam baths, saunas and a rooftop bubble bath. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there's action for the kids in the water adventure world and the fun park: balancing, climbing, shimmying over obstacles and whizzing down the 80-metre-long giant water slide, "black hole."  The Färbi sports hall is another offer in Davos, with climbing, squash, badminton or tennis on offer. Not to forget the tennis courts in the Arena Klosters.

12 tips
if the weather doesn't cooperate


Oasis for water sports lovers

The "eau-là-là" in Davos is an oasis for young and not-so young water sports enthusiasts, for wellness fans and sauna goers. The bath offers action for children, and relaxation for those seeking peace and quiet, on different floors. According to their motto: Immerse yourself and feel good, with a view of the spa gardens and the Davos mountains

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Tennis and more

Whether squash, badminton or tennis, the Färbi Sporthalle Davos offers everything under one roof. But that's not all: In the Arena Klosters there are two more tennis hard courts and a badminton court. The "Alpine Tennis Academy" and the Klosters Tennis Club also offer the full range of tennis lessons - for all levels and ages.

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Hockey game

A life for yellow-blue: The heart of many Davos residents beats for HC Davos. Do you share the love of ice hockey and want to experience this special atmosphere in the stadium? At an HCD game, the bad weather outside becomes a minor matter.

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Indoor golf in Davos

The golf courses of Davos and Klosters lie under a huge blanket of snow in winter. As a golfer you still don't want to miss out on training sessions and golf lessons? Use the indoor golf facility in the Färbi sports hall for this purpose.

Färbi Sporthalle Davos


Indoor-Golf in Klosters

With the golf facility in Klosters, golf can be played 365 days a year. The indoor facility is equipped with a simulator that allows you to work on your swing technique and improve your handicap even in winter and on rainy days. Golf lessons with a pro are also available.

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Bowling & Skittles

Wer hat das bessere Gefühl und trifft alle Pins? Beim Bowling können Sie dem Ball den richtigen Dreh verleihen. Das Hotel Sport in Klosters hat eine spezielle Kinder-Bowlingbahn. Alles wie bei den Grossen, einfach nur kleiner und kindgerechter. Die Bahn ist täglich von 8 bis 22 Uhr geöffnet.

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Cinema and theater Klosters

The cinema and small theater "Kulturschuppen" in Klosters shows theater à la carte, but also exquisite film gems. The "CINEMA 89" cinema shows a varied program of studio films from all over the world, with around 70 to 100 screenings a year. Concerts are also on the program of the Kulturschuppen.

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The variety of museums and events of international format is unique in Davos Klosters. In addition to the famous Kirchner Museum, other museums on the history of winter sports or traditional crafts await your visit. Tip for guests staying overnight: With the Premium Card you benefit from discounted tickets.

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Libraries and ludotheques

Learn more about the region or find an exciting book in the libraries of Davos and Klosters. Games and toys are available to borrow in the ludotheques: there are almost 1000 in the Davos Ludothek alone. In the library in Klosters, a unique reading room awaits you in the historic Jeuch House.

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"Kulturplatz Davos"

With a screen for great cinematic moments, the Kulturplatz Davos offers a diverse program. The focus is on a varied stage program: The Kulturplatz scores with theater, cabaret, music, dance, exhibitions, readings and discussions.

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Capricorn indoor playground at the Hotel Sport Klosters

The 200 square metres include a fun park with a spiral slide, hanging snakes, poke bags, a spider climbing tower and a suspension bridge. There is also a toddler area with large Lego bricks, a basketball and football pitch with interactive goals, a climbing wall and a table tennis table. Up to 40 children between the ages of 2 and 12 can play at the same time, accompanied by an adult.

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Six tips from the guest programme

Make your own chocolate

A perfect, sweet vacation awaits guests: after the guided tour of the bakery, young and old can make their own chocolate bars, decorate them to their heart's content with nuts, Smarties, pistachios or almonds and wrap them.


Trips and excursions with the Oltimerbus

Ready for a nostalgic ride through the whole of Davos? The tour with the old-timer bus guides you past the places worth seeing in the destination. Another tour takes you to Monstein, to the highest brewery in Europe - including a tasting.


Children's theater in Davos and Klosters

How about a captivating children's theatre trip for the whole family in High German or dialect, performed on the stage in Davos and Klosters? The detailed programme and the dates for the performances can be found in the event calendar.


Bake bread yourself

Ready for a little time travel in Klosters? Bake bread in the local museum, "Nutli-Hüschi," followed by a tour of the water-powered mill. At the end of the session you may take your bread home with you – if you haven’t already eaten. A Hüschi is a small house in Prättigau dialect.


Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

Not only do they research avalanches, the scientists here also study natural hazards caused by rockfalls and debris flows. Experiments with rocks equipped with sensors provide the basis of the session. Learn more about this during a guided tour.


Summer guest programme Davos Klosters
Summer guest programme Davos Klosters

Summer guest programme Davos Klosters

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