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Disc Golf

Disc Golf

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Disc Golf: Frisbee sport in Davos

The new trend sport Disc Golf is a mixture of golf and Frisbee. The aim is to hit one of the baskets from a fixed tee with as few throws as possible. At Tschuggen in the Flüela Valley in Davos, there is a course with 18 baskets with different levels of difficulty.

Frisbee instead of ball and metal basket instead of hole: Disc golf is almost a bit like golf in concept. Players try to get the disc into the metal basket with as few throws as possible.

Six rules
Disc Golf Davos


Be considerate

Be considerate of walkers, playmates, animals, plants, trees and all other facilities. And please do not leave any litter on the grounds.


Always check the throwing path first

Before throwing the freesbee each player must make sure that nothing or no one crosses the throwing path.


Start at the drop each time

The start is from the drop. Play continues from where the throw has landed. The game continues in this way until it reaches the target.


Whoever is in front starts

The person who has taken the fewest throws on the previous lane always starts at the discard.


What happens after the drop

After the discard, the person who is furthest from the target continues to play. Regardless of how many throws he or she already has.


As few throws as possible lead to victory

After hitting the target, the course is over. The players then move to the discard marker for the next lane. The player who needs the fewest throws for the round is the winner.


Who Costs
Adults CHF 4
Children from 6 years CHF 2
Children up to 6 years Free of charge
Family (2 adults, 2 children) CHF 10
Group of 10 people CHF 30

Rental equipment and deposit fee

At the "Gasthaus Tschuggen" and the "Parsenn Sporthotel" you can rent three "Disc Golf" discs for a fee of four francs per person. A deposit of 30 francs per person is charged.



from CHF 5.-

Time/meeting point Monday, 9.00 - 12.00 am / Gasthaus zum Tschuggen, Flüelapassstrasse 33 (Mountain pass road) Participants Min./max. 1 - 20   Equipment Good footwear (hiking...

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