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Ice climbing

Ice climbing

An ice-cold thrill

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Local mountain guides are a good choice for your first climbing attempts.

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Ice climbing at the waterfall in Sertig

Climb a frozen waterfall with an ice axe and crampons and test your own limits: Ice climbing is attracting more and more adventurers. The Sertig side valley in Davos offers ideal conditions for this all winter long.

Carabiners rattle, pitons clink, ice splinters trickle. With one hand, you hammer an ice axe into the wall above you and ram the crampon into the ice. A short break. Take a deep breath and continue. Step by step, you climb the cascades of the frozen waterfall, which shimmers in different shades of blue in the light. This is what an ice climbing adventure in Sertig feels like.

4 tips
ice climbing
in the Sertig


Have an experienced person with you

It is advisable to make your first attempts at ice climbing under the guidance of a mountain guide. Not only for safety reasons, but also because ice climbing requires extensive equipment. This can easily be provided by mountaineering schools during a course.


Plan your journey

Bus route 8 takes guests from Platz railway station to Sertig Sand in 25 minutes. There is also a limited number of car parking spaces on site. The walk from the Walserhuus Sertig to the frozen waterfalls for ice climbing takes around an hour. Snowshoes are worthwhile if there is a lot of snow.


Where to get rental material

Compared to normal rock climbing, you need additional equipment for ice climbing. This includes ice screws, ice axes, special crampons and gloves with a good grip. If you are still missing something for ice climbing, you can hire it on site in Davos at the Fullmoons sports shop.

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Acquire knowledge

In the video series “Ice Climbing Technique & Tactics”, Go Vertical specialists impart useful knowledge about ice climbing in 19 episodes in German.

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