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Winter trail running

Winter trail running

Running on snow

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Trail running on prepared winter hiking trails

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Trail running in winter on snow

When does the running season start in Davos Klosters? The answer may surprise you, because it never really ends here. Even in winter, it's wonderful to run here on prepared winter hiking trails.

The snow-cleared winter hiking trails in Davos Klosters are also particularly good for trail runners. The winter hiking trails, 111 km in Davos and 45 km in Klosters, are signposted with purple signs. However, during the peak winter season from Christmas to the end of February and at weekends, these can be very busy. Therefore, please walk considerately.

Tips for
winter trail running


Transfer the tour onto your sports watch

With our tour suggestions, you can download a GPX file and transfer it onto your sports watch. This will not only help you find your way quickly, but you will also know exactly how many kilometres and metres in altitude you still have to cover. This in turn helps you to better manage your energy.


We advise you to wear layers

A lot helps a lot? Not necessarily! Two to three breathable layers, a hat or headband, running shoes with a tread, sunglasses and gloves are enough to keep you warm. That way, the tour ends with feelings of happiness instead of a cold.


Run on the purple-marked winter hiking trails

In addition to our suggested tours for winter trail running, it is wonderful to run on all marked and open winter hiking trails in Davos Klosters. Please be considerate of other people on the trail.

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Dont's forget to take a break and enjoy the view

Forget about time and pace every now and then. Winter trail running is not primarily about reaching the summit in record time. Stop the sports watch in and let your gaze wander into the distance on a bench – it feels so good!

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Running on snow

Tour suggestions for winter trail running

Trailrunning Adventure
Trailrunning Adventure

Trailrunning Adventure

from CHF 110.-

Picturesque landscapes, breathtaking panoramas amidst the Grisons mountains and varied, adventurous trails. Davos Klosters is a paradise for all trail running fans.

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