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Ski tours

Ski tours

The Backcountry Adventure

Tip: Flüela Shuttle for ski tourers

The Flüela Shuttle transports ski tourers up to the Flüela Hospiz from 27 January to 11 February, 16 to 17 February and 24 to 25 February. The bus is only available by reservation and costs CHF 15 per person. Reservation: info@gotschnataxi.ch or +41 81 420 20 20. The times of the trips are arranged in advance, the last trip takes place at 8.15 a.m. at the latest. Whether a ride will take place or not depends on the weather and road conditions. Information on this is available in the morning from 6.30 a.m. on +41 81 420 20 20. 

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Ski tour suggestions
Here you will find the most beautiful ski tours in Davos Klosters with detailed information.

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Ski tours in Davos Klosters

Don't fancy crowded slopes and queuing at the ski lifts? Instead, climb the peaks in Davos Klosters on touring skis or a splitboard. The region with its side valleys and especially the Flüela Pass is popular for ski touring from December to April.

As tempting as the photos are, one thing in advance: ski tours in open terrain involve risks. If you set out on your own, coordinate your tour with the current snow, weather and avalanche situation. Safety always has priority. Away from the secured pistes and trails, you are responsible for yourself. Therefore, carry a complete avalanche kit with avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel and a mobile phone. Ideally, also an airbag backpack to keep you on the surface in the event of an avalanche. For ski touring beginners and all those who have no avalanche and snow knowledge, we recommend a mountain guide.

Five tips for
Ski touring in Davos Klosters


Get into ski touring on Pischa

Ski tours are gaining popularity among winter sports enthusiasts. But what kind of equipment do you need for a ski tour, and how do you gauge the dangers of open alpine terrain? Every Tuesday and Thursday, the mountain guides of Davos Klosters hold ski touring taster courses on Pischa to tell you what you need to know.

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Take part in the Backcountry Weeks

Every year at the end of January Davos Klosters is all about winter mountain sports: our mountain guides organise the Backcountry Weeks. You have numerous opportunities to discover the white splendour off-piste: avalanche courses, ski tours or deep snow skiing technique courses.

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Cross the border

The circumnavigation of the Madrisa has been considered a ski tour classic for decades. The cross-border, technically easy day tour takes you from Klosters to Austria and back again. In just under seven hours you can expect fantastic descents on varied slopes.

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Check out the Speedtouring route

Higher, faster, further: unlike classic ski touring, speed touring is all about competition and speed. If you want to try out this sport, you will find a signposted training route for it on Pischa - the Dynafit Line.

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Up to the legendary Flüela Pass

Flüela-Schwarzhorn, Radüner-Rothorn, Sentischhorn or access to the Grialetsch Hut: the Flüela Pass is considered a ski touring paradise by connoisseurs. By car you can drive as far as Tschuggen. Especially on weekends in spring, however, the Flüelapass is hotly sought after and parking is limited.

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Ski tours in Davos Klosters

Ski tour suggestions in Davos Klosters

You use our tour suggestions at their own risk, as ski tours take place away from prepared and secured ski slopes. We do not accept any liability for accidents or damage of any kind. If you are a beginner, attend a ski touring and avalanche course or book a mountain guide.

Wildlife areas & wildlife reserves

The unexpected appearance of a freerider can be problematic for wild animals in winter: an escape costs a lot of energy, which is then lacking to survive. Four simple rules help.

Freeriders are happy about a lot of fresh snow. For wild animals, on the other hand, this means one thing above all else: a naked fight for survival. Because what deer, deer, chamois and ibex normally scrape out of the snow to eat is now under a thick blanket of snow. Wild animals are therefore forced to use their energy sparingly. If they are disturbed and forced to flee, their survival is at risk.

4 rules while being out there

  • Respect designated wildlife areas and wildlife reserves
  • Stay on paths and marked trails in the forest
  • Avoid forest edges and snow-free surfaces
  • Keep your dog on a lead, particularly in the forest

Guides & Rentals

For ski touring beginners and all those without avalanche and snow knowledge, we recommend a guide. This guide leads guests safely off the marked trails through untouched winter landscapes.


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