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Prevention & healthy climate

Prevention & healthy climate

The healing power of Davos

The healing power of the Davos climate

The healing power of the Davos climate results from the protected high mountain location at 1,560 m above sea level. Guests from around the world benefit from the healthy air as well as from spa treatments.

The climate at 1,560 m above sea level is especially good at supporting therapies against allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tracts and lungs. The latest research has shown that the high altitude even stabilises the vegetative nervous system. The production of hormones in the adrenal glands (cortisone) increases, as does the production of sex hormones (testosterone). It has been proven that the health-promoting effects increase with the length of stay. Over the past 140 years, a high level of medical and therapeutic expertise has developed in Davos. The Davos hospital and three exceptional specialist clinics treat patients on site. In addition to this, Davos also boasts a broad range of general practitioners and specialists, who are also happy to make hotel visits.

Effects proven

The health effects of a stay in Davos has been confirmed in various studies. The solar radiation on the skin produces vitamin D , the effects of which on many organism levels have remained largely unaccepted for a long time. Vitamin D3 is the prerequisite for a reactionary and strengthened immune system. A stay in Davos can therefore provide good prevention against a range of diseases. For allergy sufferers, there is also the fact that there is hardly any pollen in Davos during the summer months. The pollen flight time in Davos lasts only a few weeks. The concentrations per m3 of fresh air are very low compared to the lowlands.

Factors in the effective complex of the high altitude

  • Decrease of air pressure
  • Thermal lift
  • Radiation
  • Air composition
  • Weather

High altitude climate as a healing method

Climatic spas are scientifically proven treatments, which patients and physicians hold in high esteem due to their great success, and which are therefore paid for by medical insurers. The healing effect of the high altitude climate has been verified in the following areas and can form part of a comprehensive treatment with:

  • allergies and infectious illnesses of the respiratory tracts, lungs, skin and eyes
  • bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, illnesses of the nasal mucous membrane, the sinuses and the larynx, cystic fibrosis (mucoviscidosis)
  • lung fibrosis
  • tumours, alveolitis, silicosis and other vocational illnesses
  • allergic and other skin diseases
  • dermatological indications with so-called allergy sufferers, atopy and dermatosis responsive to high altitude treatments, primarily atopic constitutional neurodermatitis (endogenous eczema), psoriasis vulgaris and chronic itchy dermatoses, allergies, chronic contact eczema, erythroderma, acne juvenilis, vulgaris, conglobata, chronic urticaria, parapsoriasis, mycosis fungoides, resist. lupus vulgaris, chronic oral mucous membrane diseases and follow-up treatments with dermatological neoplasma
  • illnesses, in particular after malignant melanomas (MM)
  • Allergy sufferers with pollen sensitisation and corresponding complaints become symptom-free in Davos within a few hours to days. In Davos it has pollen only from the beginning of April to the middle of August, and this in much lower concentrations than in the lowlands.
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