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Paraglider or hang glider

Paraglider or hang glider

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Take off with one of four paragliding flight providers in Davos Klosters.

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Paragliding: addicted to flying

It started as a bit of a dare, but became a passion. Now, Robert Giesch gets to fulfil his dream of flying almost every day. Alone or together with a guest on a professional tandem flight in Davos Klosters. An insight into the fascination of paragliding.

A final check of the belts and straightening of the sunglasses, and then he’s off. A determined run towards the precipice. There’s no turning back now. Full speed. Closer and closer to the edge. Has he judged it right? The last metre approaches. And there it is! His colourful paraglider rises up behind him. It’s a perfect take-off: his feet lift from the ground right on time and he glides effortlessly over the mountains of Davos Klosters. Robert Giesch is addicted to paragliding.

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your paragliding flight in Davos Klosters


Summer or Winter? You decide.

Davos Klosters is one of the few flying areas in Switzerland that offers the best conditions for a tandem paragliding flight all year round. Especially thermal flying with upwind is very reliable here in winter. Speaking of winter: The launch site on the Jakobshorn directly in front of the legendary Jatzhütte at 2530 m above sea level is a highlight.


A high alpine adventure

The Brämabüel is a short 20-minute walk from the Jakobshorn in summer. It is worth going there especially if there is a strong valley wind and you will be rewarded by hour-long dynamic soaring flights. The ideal wind direction is NW-NE. The starting pad is at an altitude of 2490 m and is classified as easy.

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Paragliding in Davos Klosters

Flying schools & tandem flights

You can also fulfill mankind's ancient dream of flying. As a passenger of a professional tandem pilot you do not need any previous knowledge. Choose one of six paraglider providers in Davos Klosters.

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Air-Davos Paragliding

Scalettastrasse 31
7270 Davos Platz


Spinerstrasse 1
7277 Davos Glaris

Joyride Paragliding

Brämabüelstrasse 9
7270 Davos Platz

Early-Bird Paragliding in Davos
Early-Bird Paragliding in Davos

Early-Bird Paragliding in Davos

from CHF 130.-

Air-Davos Paragliding ake advantage of the pleasant flight (video&photos included) conditions in the early morning and take off for a morning flight from Jakobshorn mountain in...

Klosters Paragliding Tandem Flight
Klosters Paragliding Tandem Flight

Klosters Paragliding Tandem Flight

from CHF 170.-

A paragliding tandem flight with Joyride Paragliding in Klosters is 'THE once in a life time experience‘! Our team of over 10 pilots is happy to be flying with you in Klosters. We...

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