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Mountain inn e-bike tour
Three days of cycling, two overnight stays in mountain inns.

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Completely new biking experience on an e-bike

With uphill flow, even steep ascents are fun. Day trips become an after-work outing. And even long rides up to the most stunning single track trails will go by in a flash. It’s no wonder that e-bikes are popular in Davos Klosters.

Not sporty, too heavy, or only for older cyclists? E-bikes have long since shed their dowdy image. Not only do modern e-bikes look strikingly similar to standard bikes, they’re also experiencing a boom. And what a boom! Their electric drive systems allow cyclists with varying fitness levels to take to the road together. That’s a huge advantage when faced with undulating terrain – like Davos Klosters.

5 E-biking tips
So, anyone who can ride a bike can ride an e-bike? Not quite.


Share the trail

In Davos Klosters hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and sometimes cows use the same trails. This is made possible by a tolerant and considerate attitude from all sides. Live our 7 thinking steps to happy riding - and you will become a happy biker. Promised.

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Learn the technique

Due to the weight of the electric drive, electric bikes have a different center of gravity - and therefore a different driving behavior. Get fit for the e-bike and attend a riding technique course. You will receive tips and tricks directly from a certified bike guide.

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Choose the right trail

Choose for e-biking tours without long carrying or pushing passages. Because of the higher weight compared to a normal mountain bike, this can otherwise be quite an ordeal. We have specifically identified e-bike-suitable tours as such in our tour suggestions.

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Don't forget the battery

Empty battery on the mountain? That does not have to be. Clarify in advance where you can recharge the battery. There are charging stations in our bike hotels, but also on the way to the mountain huts. There is also a public charging station at the lido in Klosters. Important: Always take your own charger with you.


Plan the range of your e-bike

Tire pressure, the selected support level, cadence, gear selection, size and weight. You see: Many factors influence the battery range of your e-bike. Familiarize yourself with them before you start a longer tour. By the way: Our mountain inn e-bike tour is divided into three stages to suit your needs.

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E-biking: riding on the next level

  • Tip: Mountain inn e-bike tour

    Three days of cycling, two overnight stays in mountain inns: true to the motto ‘Expand Your Limits’, the e-bike mountain inn tour takes in all of the Davos Klosters resort.

    Shred single trails, cruise ascents with uphill flow, and stay overnight in the rustic Vereina and Dürrboden mountain inns. This tour has plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, such as a picnic by the Ravais lakes.  And, to cap it all off, return to Davos on the heritage railway. That’s what you get with the new mountain inn e-bike tour around Davos Klosters. A mountain biking adventure you’ll remember for a long time. We promise. Tip: Book early, because the hut capacities are limited.

    Stage 1

    Davos Platz – Tschuggen – Pischa – Hüreli – Drusatscha – Grüenbödeli – Schwäderloch – Alp Garfiun – Berghaus Vereina

    Facts & Figures
    • Length:  40 km
    • Ascent: 1,762 vertical meters
    • Descent: 1,380 vertical meters

    Please bring a spare battery with you or plan a lunch break to recharge you battery.

    Stage 2

    Berghaus Vereina – Klosters – Durannapass – Casannapass – Parsenn – Meierhofer Tälli – Davos Dorf – Dischma – Dürrboden – Berggasthaus Dürrboden

    Facts & Figures
    • Length: 52 km
    • Ascent: 2,143 vertical metres
    • Descent: 2,079 vertical metres

    Please bring a spare battery with you or plan a lunch break to recharge you battery.

    Stage 3

    Berggasthaus Dürrboden – Scalettapass – Alp Funtauna – Val Funtauna – Ravais-ch-Seen – Bergün – Filisur – Davos Platz

    Facts & Figures
    • Length: 36 km
    • Ascent: 1,104 vertical metres
    • Descent: 2,031 vertical metres

E-bike hire locations in Davos Klosters

No next-generation e-bike of your own yet? You can hire one locally through one of our specialist mountain bike shops. You’ll love the handling and the ride.


Andrist Sport & Mode

Alte Bahnhofstrasse 4
7250 Klosters

Bünda Sport

Museumstrasse 2
7260 Davos Dorf

Bardill Sport AG

Landstrasse 185
7250 Klosters

Ettinger Sport

Talstrasse 6
7270 Davos Platz

Ochsner Sport

Promenade 45
7270 Davos Platz

Bike Academy Davos

Bahnhofstrasse 8
7260 Davos Dorf

H. Obrist GmbH

Doggilochstrasse 31
7250 Klosters

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