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Trail running

Trail running

Running towards happiness

Tip: Via Grischuna
Multi-stage trail from Davos Klosters to St. Moritz

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The new freedom: trail running

Trail running is the new running trend for lovers of the mountains. More and more runners are leaving the roads behind and heading off cross-country, often well away from popular tracks. Their focus is on nature. And there’s more than enough of that in Davos Klosters.

‘Run, Forrest, run!’ A command surely known to every runner. People in ancient times did precisely what Tom Hanks does in his well-known role for similar reasons: unfettered running. As hunters back then could not rely on advanced technology, they simply used their physical abilities and ran after animals to catch them. Anyway, trail runners and endurance athletes are back in fashion today – and they love training in Davos Klosters.

Seven tips
for trail running


Walk if you need to

Do professional mountain runners sprint up the steepest ascents? No. Admittedly they do so with short mountain sprints but not on longer sections. Save your energy and simply walk quickly from time to time. The surprising fact is that you’ll not be much slower than running.


Awaken your inner child

Running on the road is generally monotonous: you run in a straight line, always on the same surface. By contrast, trail running is fun. There are puddles, roots and rocks. Vary your speed: sometimes faster, sometimes slower. In short, run like you did when you were a child and simply enjoy the experience.


Consciously experience nature

Trail running is so fascinating because it is a natural experience. You often check the time when running on the road. It makes little sense when you run on the opening country – every route is different and cannot be compared. Free yourself up from rigid racing mode: take the time to stop and enjoy the natural countryside.


Run in a concentrated frame of mind

You need your mind as well as your muscles for trail running. Lift your feet higher than when you run on the road, be flexible, spontaneous and concentrated. That takes a little more effort but when you’re in the flow – at one with yourself and nature – it’s simply an incredible feeling.


Small steps, big impact

Your steps will become shorter when you climb, your step rate higher and arm work more intensive. Move your upper body slightly forward and run on the balls of your feet. When you’re running downhill, be sure to slow down your speed when it gets steeper and factor in a few hairpin bends. Always keep your knees soft.


Equipment: less is more

Buy yourself good running shoes. They will help you to achieve a balancing act between stability, flexibility and lightness. Speaking of which ... leave your heavy rucksack at home. Only take the absolute essentials with you: rain jacket, mobile phone, an energy bar and enough water – the tours are sometimes longer than expected.


Build up strength on the Vitaparcours Davos

The signposted ZURICH Vitaparcours runs as a circular route through wooded sections and along the Flüela stream. Information boards at 15 posts explain which exercises are to be carried out. Strength and dexterity exercises alternate with gymnastics or stretching and recovery. In short: a good preparation for trail running.

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Jasmin Nunige's favourite trail

‘The mountains around Davos Klosters are my home base for trail running’

The local top athlete Jasmin Nunige reveals her favorite tour in Davos Klosters. And why running is so special here.

Jasmin Nunige, do trail runners find everything they need here in Davos Klosters?
Absolutely. There are so many possible routes that you can really run your socks off here. In short, the mountains around Davos Klosters are my home base for trail running.

What do you like about trail running?
That it's not all about your time. Simply choose a route and follow the terrain – no pressure. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. All the time enjoying nature. I specifically love the summer days when the mountain meadows are in flower.

What’s your insider’s hint for Davos Klosters?
The Panoramic Trail on the Parsenn. A beautiful trail with a high-alpine feel at an average altitude of 2,300 metres – ideal for runners who would also like to do some altitude training. And if you run out of energy, simply take a cable car back into the valley. 

And in terms of routes: what routes do you often run?
My local route heads into the side valley of Davos called Dischma. But I never get bored. On the contrary: every day is different. Sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes the trail is wet or the cows are outside.

What would you recommend for a beginner?
Simply don’t overexert yourself. Kilometres run in the open countryside are different to running on the flat. It can take an hour to do four to five kilometres particularly when the land rises steeply. And it’s totally okay to walk from time to time (grins).



    The new multi-stage trail Via Grischuna leads in seven stages with a total of 165 kilometres and around 9,000 metres of altitude difference from Davos Klosters to St. Moritz.

    Wide, rocky valleys, crystal-clear lakes and gleaming white glaciers make Graubünden's mountain world one of the most beautiful trail-running backdrops in the world. With seven overnight stays including luggage transport and an excellently planned route, the Via Grischuna belongs on every trail runner's bucket list.

  • Highlight: The three-day trail for trail runners

    On three scenically spectacular daily stages, trail runners roam the mountain world around Davos Klosters and the Prättigau.

    Switch off and start running: With the first multi-day route for trail runners in Graubünden, runners are offered a unique package with spectacular daily stages, relaxing hotel accommodation and regional catering. 

    Stage 1

    Davos – Weissfluhjoch – Parsennfurgga – Casanna – Gotschnagrat – Contenser Schwendi – Klosters

    Distance & vertical metres
    • Distance: 17.1 km
    • Ascent: 223 metres
    • Descent: 1,703 vertical metres
    Stage 2

    Klosters – Madrisa Alp – Saaser Calanda – Rätschenjoch – Gafierjoch – St. Antönien

    Distance & vertical metres
    • Distance: 18.1 km
    • Ascent: 1,216 vertical metres
    • Descent: 1,684 vertical metres
    Stage 3

    St. Antönien – Carschinasee – Carschinahütte – Schweizer Tor – Verajoch – Gafalljoch – Golrosa – Bergstation Fanas

    Distance & vertical metres
    • Distance: 29.3 km
    • Ascent: 1,733 vertical metres
    • Descent: 1,447 vertical metres
  • Trail running camps and running training in Davos Klosters
    Professional running training in Davos

    Learn from the pros: Jasmin and Guy Nunige offer first-hand tips and tricks to help you improve your sporting success, whether you are a casual runner or a top athlete.


    Train together at the “Trail2gether”

    The “Trail2gether” running series starts on 20 June and has the “Madrisa Trail Klosters presented by Lowa” on 19 August 2023 as its goal. Training together and tips on trail running await you.


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