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Suckler cows, sheepdogs and wolfes

Suckler cows, sheepdogs and wolfes

Tips for behaviour in open terrain

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Mastering encounters with sheepdogs, suckler cows and wolves

In Davos Klosters you will occasionally encounter cows or trained sheepdogs during hikes or bike tours. Thanks to the following tips, you will cross a cow pasture and an alpine area safely. And know what to do if you come across wolves.

Information about closed hiking trails

Animals with guard dogs

When walking, keep your distance from the herd and do not pet or feed the animals. If animals block your path, stay calm, do not startle the animals and slowly go around the herd in a wide arc. Please keep your companion dog on a leash. Alpine pastures with guard dogs are now displayed on the SwitzerlandMobility web map. Areas where guard dogs are likely to be present appear as yellow areas on the map.

Dealing with wolves in the wild

The Swiss wolf population is growing continuously. In principle, they are not dangerous to humans. And as a rule, wolves avoid contact with humans. The most important tips for behaviour:

  • Never feed wolves and avoid the area where a litter den is located. 
  • Stand still if you spot a wolf. It will usually retreat or flee.
  • Wolves can react aggressively if they are sick (rabies) or injured, if they have been fed on or if they are cornered. There is currently no rabies in Switzerland.
  • Further tips: Dealing with the wolf (in German)

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Sheepdogs: Correct behavoir

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