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Hiking with children

Hiking with children

Hiking made easy

Is your kid still crawling? This is no obstacle to exploring the mountain landscape. The Davos Klosters hiking area offers wonderful hiking and walking trails that you can take with your pram.


Number Hiking trail   Duration
216 Rundweg Davoser See Davos Dorf - Davos See - Davos Dorf Specials: Fireplace Höhwald 1.5 h
219 Höhwald Davos Wolfgang - Höhwald - Lake Davos - Stilli Specials: Fireplace Höhwald 2 h  
42 High Promenade Davos village - Salzgäbastrasse - High Promenade - Upper Street 1 h
260 Dammweg-Islen Davos Platz (bottom station Jakobshorn) - Dammweg - Islen - Davos Frauenkrich Specials: small playground at the restaurant Islen 1 h  
261 Höf-Islen-Wildboden Davos Platz (Jakobshorn valley station) - uf den Höf - Brück - Islen - Wildboden Specials: small playground at the Islen restaurant 1 h
64 Wildboden-Heidboden-Junkerboden Wildboden - Junkerboden - Heidboden - Junkerboden - Davos Frauenkrich Specials: Fireplace Heidboden 1 h
231 Mattawald-Duchli Sage Davos Platz - Mattawald - Duchli Sage - Davoser Dor 1 h
264/6 Hiking tour Lengmatta-Hitzeboden Davos Frauenkirch - Lengmatta - Chummen - Hitzenboden - Rüti - Davos Glaris - Station Glaris - Mill - Lengmatte - Davos Frauenkrich Specials: 'Syrup filling station' in the restaurant Lengmatta 3.5 h
56 Waterfall Sertig Sand (Walserhuus Sertig) - waterfall and back 1 h
90 Alte Zügenstrasse Station Monstein - Schmelzboden - Alte Zügenstrasse - Zügenschlucht - Station Wiesen Specials: Brombenz fireplace 1.5 h
54 Stadlersee Jakobshorn mountain station - Stadlersee Specials: Feuerstselle Stadlersee 1 h
47 Jschalp-Mattawald Jakobshorn middle station - Mattawald - Davos Platz 1.5 h
70 Jatzmeder-Äbirügg Rinerhorn mountain station - Äbirügg Specials: fireplace Äbirügg 0.5 h


Number Hiking trail   Duration
K11 Aeuja - Monbiel Klosters Platz - Promenade along the river - Aeuja - Monbiel 1 h
K11 Alp Garfiun Monbiel - Alp Garfiun Specials: Fireplace Aeuji 1 h
K5 Schwaderloch Klosters Platz - Aeuja - Schwaderloch 1 h
95 Bosca Klosters (Gotschna parking) - Bosca - Klosters Dorf 1 h
103 Alpweg Madrisa mountain station - new or old alpine path - Saas 3 h
K4 Zwergenweg Zwergenweg bus stop Brachweg - Aeuja. Good to know: not suitable for prams and wheelchairs 1.5 h


Number Hiking trail   Duration
1 Village tour On field paths and small roads around and through the mountain village of Wiesen 1 h
1b Waldweg Tieftobel Through larch forest with a wonderful view the path leads to the Tieftobelbach 1 h
2 Sculpture trail Along the old train path you will discover various wooden sculptures by local artists 1.5 h
4c Zügenschlucht On a natural road through the impressive gorge of the Landwasser to Schmelzboden 2 h
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