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Bucket List Sommer

Bucket List Sommer

What have you already ticked off?

30 things you should do before you leave

Nice, read these lines. With our 30 tips, you are guaranteed not to get bored this winter in Davos Klosters. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. And if your stay is too short for that: just come back!

 The summer guest programme in Davos Klosters consists of over 60 activities

Benefit from our summer guest programme

Experience Davos Klosters from a different perspective during the summer season from 3 May to 18 October 2024. As an overnight guest, you can take part in over 60 activities.

Foxtrail Davos

Go on a playful fox hunt

Davos has two Foxtrail routes. This adventure programme is aimed at families and groups. You are bound to fixed starting times, but can use the Foxtrail Davos individually afterwards.

Trail running in Davos Klosters

Trail running: run over hill and dale

The trails around Davos Klosters are ideal for trail running in the mountains. Take part in the Davos X-Trails at the end of July or the Madrisa Trail Klosters at the beginning of August.

Wakeboarding on Lake Davos

Wakeboard action on Lake Davos

Wakeboarding on Lake Davos once started as a crowdfunding project. Today, it has a permanent place in the summer programme: the season runs from mid-June to the beginning of September.

Web app #Aussichtsmeister with the 100 most beautiful hiking peaks in Davos Klosters.

Collect adventure points while hiking

Do it like Dario Cologna and hike to all 100 viewpoints in Davos Klosters with our #Aussichtsmeister web app. There are also rewards in the holiday shop.

 Temporary camping pitch on Lake Davos

Enjoy #vanlife directly at Lake Davos

Camping right by the lake, as seen in Instagram photos with the hashtag #vanlife? And it's completely legal. This is made possible by a temporary pitch during the summer season.

Spend the night in the star suite on Madrisa in Klosters.

Spend the night in the star suite on Madrisa

Mountain romance under the starry sky: there is room for two people in the glass dome at almost 1,900 metres above sea level in the Star Suite on Madrisa in Klosters.

Scooter descent in the mountains of Davos Klosters

Speed down into the valley on a scooter

A scooter descent on Madrisa in Klosters, Rinerhorn in Davos or in the side valley of Sertig promise lots of fun. Fancy more action? Take a monster scooter on Madrisa.

The Davos Adventure Park offers a rope park with different levels of difficulty for all age groups.

Conquer your fear of heights

Balancing and climbing at lofty heights: For a thrill away from the summits, the Davos Adventure Park offers a rope park with different levels of difficulty for all age groups. 

E-bike hut tour in Davos Klosters

Complete the e-bike hut tour

Three days in the mountains, two mountain huts to stay overnight: True to the motto “Expand your limits”, our e-bike hut tour takes you through the entire bike destination of Davos Klosters.

 Climbing on the Sunniberg bridge in Klosters

Climb the Sunniberg Bridge

The climb in Klosters is steep. 77 metres, to be precise. A total of 20 climbing routes as well as two so-called multi-rope routes have been created on bridge pillar number two.

Bahnentour in Davos Klosters

Master the 10,000 metre altitude adventure

Up nine times with the mountain railways and shred down 10,000 metres of altitude on various single tracks. The Bahnentour is considered the ultimate enduro kick in the Alps.

Road cycling on the Flüela Pass in Davos Klosters.

Take on the classic road bike tour over two passes

Around seven hours, 111.5 kilometres and an ascent and descent of 2,591 metres each: the round trip over the Albula and Flüela passes leads through lovely valleys, to rugged mountain flanks and spectacular views.

 The classic Jöriseen hike in Davos Klosters

Go on one of the most beautiful hikes

The Jöri lakes are a popular photo motif. They captivate with their combination of colours: one lake is milky blue-green, the other turquoise, the third deep dark green, the fourth glass green and the fifth algae green.

Mountain biking on the Alps Epic Trail in Davos Klosters

Ride the longest single track in Switzerland

The “Alps Epic Trail Davos” was recognized as an “IMBA Epic Trail” in 2014. This makes the route from Jakobshorn to Filisur one of the best mountain bike trails in the world, the only trail in Switzerland to do so.

 Nostalgic train journey in Davos Klosters

Take a trip back in time on the nostalgia train

Back to the 1920s: the cult locomotive "Krokodil" runs twice a day in summer from Davos Platz along the wild and romantic Zügenschlucht gorge to Filisur. A highlight, not just for railway enthusiasts.

Local brewery in Monstein in Davos Klosters.

Drink a local beer in Monstein

Microbreweries with their speciality beers are in vogue. The “BierVision Monstein” is no exception. Tip: There is a free brewery tour every Friday from 4 pm. Cheers! 

Golfing in Davos Klosters

Play a round of golf

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hit his first golf balls on an alpine meadow in Davos back in 1893. Golfing is popular today. Try to attack or get ahead like the ex-professional golfer Fabienne In-Albon at hole 18 in Davos.

 Stand up paddling on Lake Davos

Off to the Lake Davos

You don't have to travel far for that Hang-loose feeling like in Hawaii: When you stand up paddling on Lake Davos you will find Aloha spirit. Insider tip: Early in the morning while other guests are still at the breakfast.

A hike up the Flüela Schwarzhorn in Davos at sunrise.

Hike up the Schwarzhorn at sunrise

That magical moment when the sun blinks over the mountain tops and bathes the sky in warm colours. Instagram filter? Unnecessary! No wonder: The Schwarzhorn near the Flüela Pass is considered as a hiking classic par excellence.

Coffee break at “Kaffee Klatsch” in Davos Klosters.

Have a coffee break at “Kaffee Klatsch”

“Kaffee Klatsch” is no longer an insider tip. Rather, it has become a classic. Simply always good. In short: a must for all coffee house fans, whether in Davos or Klosters.

Tandem paragliding flight in the middle of the mountains of Davos Klosters.

Take off – in our ideal flying area

This winter, fulfil the age-old human dream of flying. As a guest on a professional paragliding tandem flight, you don't need any previous experience.

The Kirchner Museum Davos regularly hosts changing exhibitions.

Get inspiration from Kirchner

Strident colours, unusual perspectives: The works of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880-1938) are inspiring. The Kirchner Museum Davos honours his works of art and presents changing exhibitions.

Alp Garfiun in Klosters is a popular excursion destination for families.

Take a detour to Alp Garfiun

Whether on foot, in a cosy horse-drawn carriage or on a bicycle: Alp Garfiun in Klosters is a popular excursion destination for all generations.

Sauna at the eau-là-là wellness and adventure pool in Davos Klosters.

Relax in the eau-là-là wellness and adventure pool

Downstairs is a diverse water world with everything an indoor pool has to offer today and upstairs is a spacious wellness centre. True to the motto: simply feel good, immerse yourself and switch off.

Walser culture at your fingertips in the Nutli Hüschi museum of local history in Klosters.

Immerse yourself in the Walser culture

The Nutli Hüschi was built in 1565 by Christian Nutli. Today, the old Walser house is a village museum in Klosters. It has a permanent exhibition of furniture, tools and toys from the past.

Davos has a special architectural style with flat roofs.

Take an architectural tour

Whether you like the Davos architectural style with its famous flat roofs or not. One thing is certain: it leaves nobody cold. Speaking of which: did you know that the flat roofs aren't actually flat at all?

Burgers, sushi or fondue: the menus in the restaurants of Davos Klosters are varied.

Go out to eat in a restaurant

Did you know? In our holiday shop you can book a table in one of the many restaurants in Davos Klosters with just a few clicks.

[Translate to English:] Hard Rock Hotel Davos mit seinem Souvenirshop ist immer ein Besuch wert.

Feel like a rock star for once

Visit the Hard Rock Hotel Davos. It is the only one in the Alps. Worth seeing: Bruce Springsteen's guitar on the wall and the souvenir shop with the “Hard Rock” shirts.


In the here and now: just do nothing

You read that right. Simply enjoy being with us in the mountains. Relax in your hotel room or on the sun terrace and enjoy the view.

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