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Mountain for alternative winter sports

Winter operation only

The Pischa cable car remains closed during the summer season.

Pischa Bucket List
12 things you won’t want to miss on Pischa , Davos Klosters. And if you’re not around long enough to get through all 12 – you’ll just have to come back again another time!

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Pischa in Davos: a mountain off the beaten track

Had enough of the crowds and the usual pistes? Pischa is an unspoilt mountain in Davos Klosters. There are no groomed slopes, just plenty of space to practise alternative winter sports on natural snow. If you’re looking for peace and sunshine, this is the place for you.

They still exist. Small winter sports resorts far from the crowds. In Davos Klosters, the Pischa mountain is the place to go. As ski areas go, it is more of a pleasant country road than a clogged highway. People come here to truly take in the natural Alpine landscape – rather than racing down busy, crowded slopes. All the ski lifts have been removed, and only a cable car remains to whisk visitors up the mountain to 2,483 metres above sea level. In short: this is a winter sports area without the usual trappings. Despite this – or perhaps precisely because of it – it has become a playground for alternative sports, unrivalled in Switzerland. And beyond. Unique.

Twelve things
you won’t want to miss on Pischa


Highlights for hikers and trail runners: Seehorn, Hüreli & Pischahorn

There is no cable car up to Pischa in the summer. But hikers and trail runners will still find the area worth a visit. For the ultimate day tour, take in the Seehorn, Hüreli, and the Pischahorn. You can also collect adventure points as part of our #Aussichtsmeister challenge to visit look-out points with stunning views.

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Take to the Pischa trail by e-bike: goodbye exhausting climbs, hello uphill flow

Does the long, uphill trail from the road through the Flüela Pass to the Pischa cable car station – with its hair-raising switchbacks – look a little too tough for you? Think again. You’ll have no trouble with an e-bike. From there, a winding singletrack trail weaves its way along the Pischa ridge to Hüreli. As mountain bikers say: epic. This trail is part of our new e-bike mountain hut safari.

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Get into ski touring on Pischa

Ski tours are gaining popularity among winter sports enthusiasts. But what kind of equipment do you need for a ski tour, and how do you gauge the dangers of open alpine terrain? Every Tuesday and Thursday, the mountain guides of Davos Klosters hold ski touring taster courses on Pischa to tell you what you need to know.

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Fat bike at full throttle through deep snow

If you think powder is only fun with skis or a snowboard then you probably haven’t been to Pischa yet. After all, it’s easy to cut through the deep winter snow on a fat bike. There are four spectacular fat bike descents on Pischa, with incredible views of the Flüelatal valley. Wrap up warm and off you go!

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Go for a winter hike with panoramic views

There are two hiking trails with panoramic views on Pischa. Both start from the Pischa cable car station. The shorter trail (1.3 km) is a fairly flat, circular route heading south. The longer trail (6.3 km) takes hikers to the top of Hüreli at 2,444 m above sea level – and one of the most spectacular views of Davos.


Build a real igloo out of snow on Pischa

What do children’s favourite Pingu (created in Switzerland) and the Inuits in the far north both love? Igloos! The ‘pur erleben’ team will share their top tips and tricks on how to make an igloo with your own hands. In short: find a site with compact snow, saw some snow blocks and arrange them in a spiral.

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Take off head-first down the slopes of Pischa

Think surfing is just for the beach? Think again. On Pischa, you can go powder surfing through deep snow, on an airboard – an inflatable cushion. Like bodyboarding, but on snow. An alternative winter sport that’s easy to learn. You can rent airboards from the cable car station in the valley.

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Try the ultimate sport – ski mountaineering

Higher, faster, further: in contrast to conventional ski touring, speed touring is all about competition and speed. If you fancy a go, look for the signposted practice route on Pischa – the Dynafit-Line.

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A night on the mountain: spend a night on Pischa

Pischa is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the snow and escape the crowds. And now you can experience it overnight. Last winter, the mountain cable car station was updated with nine contemporary guest rooms and a refurbished restaurant. Once the day visitors have gone, you have the mountain almost entirely to yourself. Our tip: the house fondue.

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Eat a full-moon raclette at the Mäderbeiz

Whatever the season, it’s well worth stopping for a break at the Mäderbeiz. This cosy mountain hut is around a thirty-minute walk from the Pischa car park. Open until 9:00 pm on Thursdays. Our tip: enjoy a raclette when the moon is full, then head back to the valley in the moonlight.

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Try out the Snowbraker – an alpine freeriding sledge

Sledging on deep snow? Why not? Pischa is the prefect freeriding area for the Snowbraker. You can even carry on up from the upper cable car station on snowshoes and go on an alpine sled ride. Want to know more? There are three Snowbrakers available for hire from the cable car station in the valley.

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Rig up and let rip: snowkiting on Pischa

The Bernina pass has long been popular among the kite surfing community. Pischa in Davos, on the other hand, is something of a well-kept secret. If you know how to snowkite, you’ll love it here. Especially when there’s powder snow. And the best part: the Pischa cable car takes snowkiters right to the zone.

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A Winter’s Day on Pischa

Mäderbeiz on Pischa

This cosy mountain hut in the Flüelatal valley, with warm sheepskin rugs by the fireplace, is just a 35-minute walk from the Pischa car park. It is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, with late opening until 9:00 pm on Thursdays. Our tip: the Mäderbeiz has special events on the night of a full moon. You don’t want to miss their full-moon raclette. And remember to take cash – card payments are not accepted. Check out the Mäderbeiz Facebook page for the latest information on events.

The Pischa mountain restaurant

A flavourful fondue from the Molkerei Davos dairy, premium meat from Ziegler, more exotic dishes, such as lentil and coconut curry, or a vegan potato, apple and thyme soup: at the Pischa mountain restaurant, they know how to treat their guests. In warm weather, the large, sheltered sun terrace is also very enticing. Hot food is served daily from 11:00 am. Like the cable car, the restaurant is only open in the winter season.

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