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Wildmännli Trail

Wildmännli Trail

The digitalized circular hike in Klosters

Temporary closure of the path: “Zwergenweg”

Renovation work will be taking place on the “Zwergenweg” from May to July 2024, which is why this section of the “Wildmännli-Weg” is currently closed. We ask for your understanding. As soon as the renovation work is completed, we will inform you via our information channels. We look forward to the newly remodelled Zwergenweg from July 2024.

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The new web app: Wildmännli Trail in Klosters

Klosters, Schlappin, Serneus: It doesn't always have to be 1000 metres in altitude and steep mountain peaks. On the Wildmännli Trail, the path is the goal. It combines existing hiking trails into a circular tour. Explore all 50 posts and dive deep into the holiday destination. And into its history, flora and fauna. 

Seven stages are combined into a circular hike in Klosters and digitized. Luck factor number one: With every post you visit, you collect points that you can exchange for a gift. Luck factor number two: To broaden your horizons while hiking in Klosters, you don't necessarily have to take a summit tour under your feet. Even the ascent to the Schlappintal valley is scenic and only moderately steep at 400 metres in altitude. This is where the first Walser settlement in the Prättigau region was founded. Flatter sections, ideal for excursions and hikes with children, lead along the Zwergen- or the Gadäwäg. 50 posts on seven stages are waiting to be scanned.

Seven stages
brief introduction


Village tour in Klosters

Ready for a journey through time in Klosters? Nine posts reveal cultural history, focus on buildings and take you to the local museum “Nutli Hüschi”. The Protestant Reformed Church of St. Jakob is worth a visit to have a look at the stained-glass windows by the famous painter Augusto Giacometti.

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Zwergenweg (Dwarf Trail)

Legendary things are hidden at the eight posts on this hike. This is also the case at Doggiboden. The story of the "Doggi" was widespread. The demonic spirits shrank to sneak into the bedroom through the keyhole and cause nightmares. Not only legends await you, but also information on the protection of forest and natural hazards.

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The third stage of the circular tour leads to Monbiel, among other stops. The Walser village is the furthest settlement in the Prättigau with the Pardenn, Garfiun and Novai Alps. Learn more about Monbiel, about rockfalls, agriculture, game haymaking and early forms of social life at the five posts along the Sonnenberg of Klosters. Tip: Stop off at Mimi's Bäsmäbeizli “Hennägadä”.

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With the view to the Schlappiner Joch, it is clear: the border to Gargellen, which lies in a side valley of the Montafon, is within reach. Although this stage does not lead as far up, the Walser village of Schlappin at around 1600 m above sea level is no less charming. Ten posts provide information about the flora and fauna of the valley and about hunting in Klosters. Tip: Take a break at the Schlappinersee lake.

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Forgotten sun cream? Nature provides the best emergency first-aid kit. Did you know that Alpine mugwort helps against sunburn and plantain against insect bites? On this section you will learn more about the healing effects of wild herbs. And this stage offers a deep insight: it leads to the Sunniberg Bridge and the 70-metre-long suspension bridge over the Schlappinbach.


Nature trail Saas

If the copper beeches along the path could speak, what stories would you tell? Perhaps the one about the Grisons' fight for freedom in 1622, in which the local troops suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of the Habsburgs. Or perhaps the tale of the Häxentobel, where witches and warlocks supposedly met for dances and devilish rites.


Serneus to Klosters

This stage leads via Serneus. A stop at the Sunniberg bridge allows you to catch a glimpse of the Silvretta massif, which played an important role for Klosters. In 1865, the Swiss Alpine Club chose the Silvretta region as an excursion area, and in the same year Klosters built the first Silvretta hut. Numerous first ascents followed: Piz Buin, Silvrettahorn and Signalhorn.

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The new Wildmännli Trail

All about the stages

How the web app works

1. Save the web app

The Wildmännli Trail has been digitized with a web app (PWA).  First open the web app on your mobile phone browser and save it to the home screen of your smartphone. It can now be accessed like a normal app. 

Note: iOS versions older than 13.5 do not allow access to the camera in the stand-alone app. In this case, use the app in the browser and save it as a bookmark. 

To scan viewpoints, you need a login. The points remain saved in your account even if the app is deleted.

Tip: Save the offline version of the PWA to collect points even without an internet connection.

2. Choose a post

Choose one of the 50 posts. You can use a compass app to find the post. 

Tip: Ambitious hikers can run several trails in one day and scan several posts at the same time.

3. Hiking off

Hike and scan the QR code on site. 

Tip: Forgotten your mobile phone at home or battery low? Log in on your companion's mobile phone to save the points to your account.

4. Select reward

Select a reward directly in the app and pick it up directly in the restaurants or the Tourist Information in Davos or Klosters. The reward is available upon presentation of the voucher.


Rules and rewards


Each completed stage has a value. For each scanned stage you receive an e-voucher that you can redeem. However: Each item can only be scanned once. Items that have already been scanned are marked in the web app.

Section Gadäweg completed

Have you hiked the Gadäwäg? Time for another reward: with a slice of homemade nut cake from Schlappin at Berghaus Erika, you'll be invigorated for the rest of the Wildmännli Trail in Klosters. Simply show the e-voucher when ordering.


Three sections completed

You have already completed three sections? You're almost halfway there! To master the remaining four stages, you can get a walking stick with a built-in compass and engraving at the Tourist Information in Klosters.

All posts completed

If you have completed all 50 posts of the Wildmännli Trail, you will receive an e-voucher for an exclusive Swiss pocket knife with Wildmännli engraving in the web app. You can pick it up during the opening hours of the Tourist Information in Klosters.



Section of the Zwergenweg (dwarf trail) completed

You have scanned all items with the number 110 to 117? Then you've earned another reward. A coffee in Mimi's Bäsmäbeizli "Hennägadä". It's open every day, but only served at weekends.

Bonus information: Name giver of the trail

The tales about the Wildmännli belong to the most popular legends of the Walsers. The dwarfish little creature lives in remote valleys and forests. As shy as it is, anyone who wantonly annoyed it or betrayed it incurred its wrath.


Klosters in summer.
The book Klosters by Fabrizio D'Aloisio is available in the Davos Klosters holiday shop.

Book tip

The holiday resort of Klosters owes much of its fame to the British royal family. Few still know that in the 1950s and 60s it was film stars and literary figures who earned Klosters the name “Hollywood on the Rocks”. Would you like to learn more about Klosters and its history? Our book tip:

Fabrizio D'Aloisio, Klosters (in English)

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