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Sina Frei

Sina Frei

Our Bike Ambassador

About the person
Sina Frei (1997) is a Swiss professional mountain biker. She has been racing with the elite since 2019. In 2021 she celebrated great successes very early in her young career: silver at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, gold and bronze at the UCI World Championships in Val di Sole, Italy, as well as overall victory at the Cape Epic in South Africa. Sina Frei has been an ambassador for Davos Klosters since the beginning of June 2021.

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"I can't imagine a better training base than Davos Klosters."

Sina Frei is considered the new high-flyer in mountain biking. In this interview, the newcomer and ambassador of the Davos Klosters destination talks about her greatest successes to date, her next goals and her training base in the single trail paradise of the Alps.

Dear Sina, in 2021 you won silver at the Olympic Games and gold and bronze at the World Championships. We are still rubbing our eyes. How are you doing?
Yes, it went faster than planned. The Olympics was always my big dream. The fact that everything came together perfectly on the decisive day and that I won silver came as a surprise to me too. After this medal there was no stopping me. I had a huge boost of motivation and even more self-confidence than before. So I started inspired at the World Championships in Val di Sole. 

You were able to celebrate such great successes in your third year with the elite. How do you feel?
I think very few people had me on their radar. As a newcomer, I still have a lot of respect for my competitors. Therefore, I have no reason to take off and feel like a superstar. 

What went through your mind when you crossed the finish line at the Olympics?
An intense feeling of happiness and a huge relief at the same time. The fact that I was able to share these emotions with my teammates was the crowning glory. Not only did we win Olympic medals, but we also wrote a new chapter in Swiss sporting history. I needed some time to realise this. 

There are always athletes who fall into an emotional hole after such a great success. Do you know this feeling?
Fortunately not. Quite the opposite. I was even more motivated than before. I already saw the next goals, like the World Championships, and didn't have any time to think. 

What are your next goals?
World Cup victories, a podium place in the overall World Cup or the World Championships next year. I'm still young and I won't run out of goals anytime soon.
Is the Swiss Epic Graubünden 2022 a topic for you?
I can't say yet, but as it looks, probably not. But I will return at some point, I promise. Because I still have a score to settle with the Swiss Epic Graubünden. In 2020 I had to give up after the first stage due to injury. I can't let that stand (laughs).

The partnership with Davos Klosters has been running since 1 June 2021. Before that, you were already a regular guest here. What brought you here again and again?
The answer is simple: it's the varied and natural single trails that make Davos Klosters so exciting for mountain bikers. What's more, the trails are always in impeccable condition. And then there are the memories: Even as a child, I regularly went to Davos Klosters with my parents. That connects emotionally. That's why I can't imagine a better training area.

Did Davos Klosters play a role in your most successful season to date?
Definitely. I did part of my season preparation here. The varied trails were very motivating and I was able to prepare myself for different conditions in the training sessions. I had a lot of fun - and fun is one of the most important training factors, especially in biking.

Your secret trail tip in Davos Klosters?
Alps Epic Trail Davos. Unfortunately, it's no longer an insider tip. Seriously, this trail is really unique. Definitely one of the most beautiful single trails the Alps have to offer. 

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