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The Davos sledge

The Davos sledge

The Davos sledge
The Davos sledge

The original Davos sledge

Two runners, three wooden slats and a rope to pull it with: The "Davos sledge" is the most commonly used sledge in the world. For generations. An overview of its origins and features.

Over 50,000 entries in Google are called up by the search for the "Davos sledge". With good reason: The Davos sledge is effectively the original amongst toboggans. It is the wooden structure that makes it so special. The pull-bar provides it with the requisite stability, joining the two runners shod with iron. The iron rod usually bears a rope, which can be used to pull the sledge through deep snow. And the word "DAVOS" is branded on the central wooden slat in capital letters.

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