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Driving experiences in Davos Klosters
Circular routes over Alpine passes, driving training on snow and ice as well as event tips

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Swiss car premiere on the Flüela Pass

Drift king Ken Block recently passed away unexpectedly. However, his legacy and his “Audi S1 Hoonitron” live on: racing driver Mattias Ekström showed what is possible with this unique racing machine on the closed Flüela Pass in Davos. Man and technology at the limit.

As if on the run, the racing machine shoots up the snow-covered pass road. And leaves a cloud of ice crystals and snow behind it. No wonder: the sheer unbridled power pushes rally driver Matthias Ekström into the seats. The yaw moment craves curves. And if there are no bends, the “Audi S1 Hoonitron” just drifts off the line. Ekström: “The power you feel from the first moment is insane. Together with the Quattro drive and the hydraulic handbrake on the rear axle, you can get through even the tightest hairpin bends effortlessly.” What's unique about the Hoonitron is that at the push of a button, it goes forward just as fast as it goes backwards. The noise level is also unique. Apart from a loud whirring sound like that of an oversized hoover, nothing can be heard.

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Mattias Ekström x Audi S1 Hoonitron

Three special
driving experiences


Drive the Flüela Pass

The Flüela Pass is one of the most beautiful pass roads in the world. No wonder: here you experience the perfect balance between curves, acceleration, driving and braking. Experience the exhilaration of speed and acceleration, as well as the mountain scenery during the straight sections.


Driving training on snow and ice

Audi macht es möglich: Im Winter finden auf der sonst für Verkehr gesperrten Flüelapassstrasse und einer speziellen Eispiste Fahrtrainings statt. Sie lernen dabei die Risiken bei winterlichen Bedingungen richtig einzuschätzen, damit Sie im Notfall richtig reagieren.


Drive the circular route over the Albula and Flüela passes

There are things that every motorist must have done once in his or her life. One of them is the round trip over the Albula and Flüela passes. This route is considered a classic among “Car Guys”, especially in summer. The starting and finishing point is in Davos.

Audi offers unique car events in Davos Klosters in the middle of the Swiss Alps.
The Audi Ice Experience is considered a highlight in Davos Klosters.

Audi events

Whether winter sports events, Audi Driving Experience or digital events: Audi offers a wide range of experiences. All year round.

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