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Cross-country skiing with Après Nordic

Cross-country skiing with Après Nordic

The new lounge in Davos

Opening times
The lounge at the cross-country centre in Davos is open during the winter season from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

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Après Nordic in Davos

The roar of the cross-country ski sounds like an outgoing wave on the final metres. Now, do you go back to the cross-country track for another round? The answer to this question is not so easy in Davos as of late. This is due to the first Après-Nordic concept in the whole of Switzerland.

Work on the glide phase once more and ride on the wave? Or take a "spin" in the new lounge of the cross-country ski centre in Davos? A tough decision to make. However, now it could be made easier. Anyone gliding down the FIS race trails in Davos, where world-class athletes also compete for World Cup points, probably has about 90 percent of their muscles activated. And, because it's not just professional runners who know how important regeneration is, there's nothing standing in the way of a relaxing evening in the new lounge.

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Après Nordic in Davos

Cocktails at a glance

Ingredients Nordic Mule

✓ Ice cubes
✓ 4 cl Gin
✓ 1 cl Lime juice
✓ Fill up with ginger berry
✓ Fresh mint and lime wedge


Ingredients Frozen Spritz

✓ Handful of frozen berries
✓ 3 cl Aperol
✓ 1 dl Prosecco
✓ A dash of sparkling water


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