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Destination Davos Klosters

The funding body behind the touristic destination

Davos Destinations-Organisation (Cooperative)

Managing Board
Name Election year
Paul Petzold President
(part of Managing Board since 2005)
Hansjürg Christoffel Vice-Präsident 2014
Tarzisius Caviezel Representative of the community of Davos 2007
Kurt Steck 2012
Maurice Parrée 2012
Tom Umiker 2014
Corina Issler Baetschi 2015
Toni Morosani 2019

Overview Managing Board (Term of Office: General Meeting 2018 - 2021)

General Meeting of the Davos Resort Organisation
Members of the cooperative

Members of the cooperative of the Davos Destinations-Organisation (Cooperative)


Tourism Klosters

On the occasion of the referendum of 30 June 2019, the people of Klosters voted in favour of the municipality of Klosters-Serneus and Davos Destinations-Organisation (cooperative) concluding a service agreement for the management of the Tourism Monastery as of 1 November 2019. Tourism Klosters will be outsourced as an independent department of the Davos Destinations-Organisation (cooperative). The Tourism Klosters commission is responsible for the strategic orientation.

Members of the Klosters Tourism Commission
Hanspeter Ambühl
Daniel Amez-Droz
Beat Bernet
Reto Branschi
Marianne Flütsch
Hans-Peter Garbald jun.
Lukas Gerig
Marion Grünenfelder
Barbara Gujan
Annemarie Hew
Thomas Kessler
Roger Kunz
Rico Maissen
Rolf Paltzer
Claude Schauerte
Anja Seger
Stefan Steiner
Marco Schlegel
Sport & Culture Fund Klosters

The municipality of Klosters-Serneus and the Klosters tourism organisation jointly promote sporting and cultural events in Klosters. For this purpose they run a sports and a cultural fund. The two funds are used to make contributions on behalf of the Klosters Tourist Organisation and the municipality of Klosters-Serneus to larger, mainly sports-oriented and cultural events in the interest of the guest, with the aim of creating and maintaining overnight stays and adding value. Clubs, associations or interest groups which claim contributions from the Sports and Cultural Fund submit their written and justified applications by 30 March for the summer and 30 September for the winter. Contributions will generally take the form of deficit guarantees or à fonds perdu contributions. As a rule, no contributions are paid to individuals or groups of people who are not organised. Applications should be submitted to the following address: Sports Fund Klosters, or, Cultur Fond Klosters, c/o Destination Davos Klosters, Alte Bahnhofstrasse 6, 7250 Klosters.


Here you can find statistics and data about the touristic development of Davos Klosters. The statistics were collected and collated by the Davos Resort Organisation (Cooperative). Part of the data goes back to the 1943.

In recent years, alpine holiday destinations have been facing more and more shorter stays and growing competition from city breaks and coastal holidays.An integral part of this is surely the huge reduction in flight costs. Davos Klosters is facing this challenge had-on with campaigns such as "Davos Inclusive" and attractive packages , along with many further measures.Strategically, building a destination with Klosters is one of the most important of these measures.This enables the Davos Klosters Resort to offer its guests an even better, more comfortable and more convenient experience as a "whole company".

Statistics and data


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