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Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Davos solved his writer's block

Treasure Island instead of Magic Mountain

Robert Louis Stevenson was a writer. He arrived in Davos with writer's block, and left it armed with a significant piece of literature: With "Treasure Island".


"Like an easy conversation". This was how Robert Louis Stevenson described the manner in which the end of his first novel "Treasure Island" came to him. However, it was not always quite so straightforward. Just a few months earlier he was racking his brains for the ending to his pirate tale. Without success. Stevenson travelled just a short time later to Davos, in order to take time out to recuperate in the world famous high altitude climate. In his suitcase he brought with him his manuscript. Was it perhaps the rural culture and the healthy alpine air that relieved his writer's block? The fact is that his craft flowed with ease just shortly after his arrival and Stevenson continued his writing. One chapter every day.


Story exhibits a number of parallels with Davos

The novel has been captured on film over 20 times and translated into numerous languages. The end of the story exhibits a number of parallels with Davos . For example, the protagonist Jim Hawkins intends to spend part of his fortune on his education. A mentality that applies in Davos today more than ever.

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The transfer of knowledge is a tradition in Davos

As early as 1878 the first grammar school was founded in Davos and soon after the turn of the century Carl Dorno opened the first research institute. In 1928, Albert Einstein opened the Davos university courses, which were intended to mobilise internationally renowned persons from politics and science. In 1972 the region of Davos, together with public figures in Davos, established the foundation "Forum Davos" - with the aim of "promoting scientific studies, academic development and the transfer of knowledge, in particular in the overlapping fields of nature, engineering, medicine and the humanities".  Wissensstadt Davos was established as an association on the 30th June 2004.

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