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Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab

Founder of the World Economic Forum

"The place where leaders meet"

Born in Ravensburg, Professor Klaus Schwab led the first European Management Symposium in Davos in 1971, which was renamed as the World Economic Forum in 1987. Over the years, the event has lead to unprecedented media reports around the world. Schwab himself achieved a common house which sets an example, with his meeting of economic, political and cultural leaders in the middle of the Alps.

From the start, Klaus Schwab lined up the Media in the Centre, which would allow him to set up a kind of global pinboard .This notice board using media (obviously long before the advent of the internet) is one of the main reasons for the phenomenal success of the WEF. Although the WEF is only attended by small circle of around 3,000 delegates, it has an enormous effect on the worldwide population.

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