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Hollywood in Klosters

Hollywood in Klosters

Stars and starlets visiting

"What a lovely place to spend a Winter!"

Thanks to its illustrious guests from the British royal family, Klosters is renowned around the world as a holiday destination. What is almost forgotten: The American High Society from film, music, theatre and literature came and went from here as far back as the 1950s. So much so, that the village gained the title "Hollywood on the Rocks".

What is it that makes holiday destinations stylish, cosmopolitan, elegant? And who is responsible for the fascinating atmosphere that surrounds holiday classics such as Klosters, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez? The answer is simple: The guests. They are the life and soul of every holiday destination. And they are responsible for the unique atmosphere that has radiated from Klosters since the early 1950s. At that time, the successful American screenwriter Peter Viertel was commissioned by a Swiss film producer with writing a screenplay and quickly moved to accommodation in Davos - far from the lures of the big city and a good 60 years before the local director Marc Forster attracted the attention of Hollywood.

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Speaking of Hollywood in Klosters

Peter Viertel described his "Hollywood on the Rocks" period in his autobiography. Another contemporary insight into these exciting times in Klosters is provided by the guestbook of the Hotel Chesa Grischuna.


Book tip

Peter Viertel, who has since passed away, described his "Hollywood-on-the-Rocks" time in his autobiography "Dangerous Friends". The New York Times acclaimed the book in 1992 with the following words: "Remarkably well connected and a formidable bon vivant in his own right, Mr. Viertel has tales to tell about anything from Ava Gardner's kidney stones to a Parisian bartender who counted Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald among his patrons. But the calibre of these anecdotes has as wide a range as Mr. Viertel's nomadic travels in the 1950s, which took him to Cuba with Ernest Hemingway, to Ireland and Africa with John Huston, to Spain with the renowned bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin and Orson Welles, and to Klosters, Switzerland, with all the luminaries who earned that ski resort the nickname Hollywood on the Rocks."

Hotel tip

A contemporary insight into these exciting times in Klosters is provided by the guest book of Hotel Chesa Grischuna. Many stars of the time eternalised their pleasure at their time spent in Klosters in the book. The Grisons style of the hotel continues to radiate with charm from the 1950s - a jewel that is also a member of the "Swiss Historic Hotels".

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