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Transport/Automotive industry

Transport/Automotive industry

The largest Swiss airport, many sector-specific businesses, research institutes and associations are located in direct proximity. For example, the Mercedes Benz International Dealer Conference was held in Davos, and the city is also hosts many recurring events from the transport industry.

In 2011, Switzerland counted 130,000 positions (full-time equivalents, FTE) in the tourism sector. Making up approximately a quarter, the most important employers – at least in terms of job numbers – are those providing accommodation and catering in restaurants and hotels. Transport came in third with approximately 15% (almost 25,000 FTE). Within this branch, the cable car operators provided the third-most jobs (23%, 5,619 FTE), closely behind air traffic and railways.

There are two main categories of cable car systems: funiculars and aerial ropeways. The aerial ropeways are subdivided into jig-back and continuous systems. Jig-back cable cars move with a towing rope on track cables and have a greater capacity than continuous cable cars. The second-most cable-cars are in the canton of Grisons. Together with another canton, Grisons makes more than half the revenue generated from public transport.

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