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Medicine / Health

Medicine / Health

Davos – perfect for medical congresses

Davos has been known as a high altitude spa for more than 140 years. The history of Davos as a spa town began in 1853 – when Alexander Spengler came from Germany to the mountain farming town of Davos with its 1700 inhabitants. Spengler discovered the healing effects of the high mountain climate and made the town world-famous as a high altitude spa town.

Over the past 140 years, a high level of medical and therapeutic expertise has developed in Davos. The climate at 1’560 m above sea level is particularly helpful in treating allergic and infectious diseases of the respiratory tracts and the lungs. The latest research has shown that the high altitude even stabilises the vegetative nervous system. The production of hormones in the adrenal glands (cortisone) increases, as does the production of sex hormones (testosterone).

The Davos hospital and three exceptional specialist clinics treat patients on site. In addition to this, Davos also boasts a broad range of general physicians and specialists, who are also happy to make hotel visits. With its unique concentration of manufacturers, medical research and institutions of education, clinics and service providers, Davos is, so to speak, the “Medical Valley”. The great competitive environment is due to the concentration of so many superb skills in this one place, engaging in experimental surgery, asthma research, research and education in the area of allergies etc.

Medical congresses

Switzerland imposes strict guidelines for events such as medical or pharmacological congresses, which are sponsored by industry corporations. These rules and standards stipulate that the main purpose of the medical congress must be the communication of scientific or technical information. The congress time needs to significantly outweigh the time set aside for any supporting events. Davos takes these guidelines extremely seriously, draws attention to them in all publications and agreements and fully complies with them.

The conference organisers acknowledge this dedication with their loyalty. Not without reason: in other congress cities, there is usually limited time for delegates’ business meetings. However, the mountain village atmosphere of Davos facilitates a clear focus on the congress and leaves plenty of time for other things. Delegates usually don’t have time for other activities.

Davos fulfils all the requirements for medical congresses in Switzerland, which are detailed in the following guidelines:

  • Code of Conduct for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Switzerland (Pharma Codex)
  • SWISS MEDTECH Code of Ethical Business Conduct
  • Guidelines set out by the Swiss Academy for Medical Sciences SAMW

Possible plant visits and speakers on request.

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