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24h hiking event Davos

24h hiking event Davos

24. September 2021

Fri, 24.09.2021

Sat, 25.09.2021

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Sun, 26.09.2021

Event Locality
Region Davos Klosters
7270 Davos Platz
Tel:+41 81 415 21 21

24h Trophy
Griesstätterstr. 9
83471 Berchtesgaden

Davos, the highest city in Europe, is one of the venues for the Biolectra 24h Trophy.

From 24 to 26 September, the long-term hiking series will make its third stop in Davos. Known for its untouched side valleys, tranquil mountain lakes, historic Alps and diverse sports, leisure and cultural activities, the region guarantees unforgettable hiking experiences on a 6-, 12- or 24-hour tour.

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