The untouched alternative

The untouched alternative for winter hiking, snow shoe walking and sun seeking

Pischa is the unspoilt alternative for anyone wishing to enjoy the mountains away from all the hustle and bustle of the other arenas. The focus is on alternative sports in the Flüela Valley winter sports arena.

The region offers perfectly groomed winter hiking routes, designated snow shoe trails and 4 fatbike tracks . The area is also an excellent starting point for ski tours in open terrain (freeriding). All activities are concentrated on the cable car from Dörfji to Pischa, which operates every day (no ski lifts).

the freeride mountain

Freeriding & ski tours

Pischa is one of Switzerland's largest freeriding areas and is the perfect starting point for ski tours. A paradise for freeriders and lovers of nature seeking to ski as it was done in the past. Freeriding on the Pischa takes place in a pristine and unspoilt landscape. No slopes are signposted, groomed or protected from Alpine hazards.

Freeride Descent routes
  • 6 Pischa - Flüelamäder - Mäderbeiz - Pischa valley
  • 7 Pischa - Tschuggen - Pischa valley
Safety note

Freeriding in open terrain is done at your own risk. Snowboarders and skiers descending off-piste should consider the possibility of an avalanche being triggered at any time. The cable car companies are not liable for the associated risks. Always take into account the current avalanche situation and carry full avalanche equipment.

Ski touring trial course

Tip: Every Thursday the Davos Klosters mountain guides offer a ski touring trial course on Pischa.

Snow-shoe trekking

Snow-shoe trekking is currently in vogue. Glide almost weightlessly over the snow as you explore the snow-white wintry landscape. Enjoy the snow-clad countryside far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Three marked snow-shoe trails:

  • 1 Pischa – Mäderbeiz directly – Dörfji
    Length: 3 km | Duration: 2 hours (descent), 3 hours (ascent)
  • 2 Pischa – Flüelamäder - Mäderbeiz – Dörfji
    Length: 3.5 km | Duration: 2.5 hours (descent), 3.5 hours (ascent)
  • 5 Pischa – Arvenwald – Dörfji
    Length: 3 km | Duration: 2 hours (descent), 3 hours (ascent)

All snow shoe trails are signposted. The stated times are approximate. Please take into account the weather conditions and avalanche situation when planning a snow shoe trek. Good equipment is essential. Snow shoes and poles can be hired at the Pischa valley station (limited availability).



Biking only goes in the summer? On Pischa, this pleasure can also be exercised in winter with the fat bikes.

Fatbike slopes:

- 1 Pischa – Mäderbeiz direkt – Dörfji
   Length 3,0 km, easy

Every Monday and Saturday morning will be held in the program
Davos Inside a guided tour.

Fatbike rental at the station Pischa possible!

Winter hiking

Crunch...crunch... Enjoy the crackle of snow under your feet, the peace and tranquillity of nature in the snow-covered winter landscape as you run or hike along the groomed winter hiking trails. You cannot but help unwind amongst the fresh mountain air and the stunning views of the Flüela Valley and across to the surrounding peaks.

Pischa offers variousmarked hiking routes:
  • 1 Pischa – Mäderbeiz directly – Dörfji
    Length: 3 km | Duration: 2 hours (descent), 3 hours (ascent)
  • 2 Pischa – Flüelamäder - Mäderbeiz – Dörfji
    Length: 3.5 km | Duration: 2.5 hours (descent), 3.5 hours (ascent)
  • 3 Pischa - Hüreli - Pischa
    Length: 3 km | Duration: 1 hour (most straight)
    Special: The view at the Hüerli is amazing and it's possible to take a photo at the new Photopoint there.
  • 4 Pischa Panorama round trip
    Length: 2 km | Duration: 2 hours approx. 300 m height difference

The condition of the hiking routes can vary greatly due to the snow and weather conditions. The stated times are approximate.  Please enquire at the lift and cable car offices or ask lift and cable car personnel about current conditions. Good footwear for the terrain and conditions is strongly recommended.


Airboards are the inflatable high-tech bodyboards for use on snow. Steered by moving your weight, you'll experience the feel of flying just above the snow. Airboards, a 100% Swiss invention, can be used on Pischa as „Freeride-Version“ in the open terrain.


Snowbraker – the freeride alpine sledge

This new dimension of sledging allows you to use the sledge in alpine freeride regions. Runners are similar to skis and allow the ride on powder - fun guaranteed with all snow conditions. More Info.

Bus connections

Simply take the Pischa bus to the Pischa cable car valley station. It leaves from the Pischa Terminal in Davos Dorf (near the Parsenn valley station) and is for free with a valid lift pass.

Dorf Terminal departures 08.15 / 09.15 / 10.15 / 11.15 --- 13.15 / 14.15 / 15.15 / 16.15
Pischa valley station departures 08.45 / 09.45 / 10.45 / 11.45 --- 13.45 / 14.45 / 15.45 / 16.45 

Mäderbeiz - Family Fontana

Homely cottage in the middle of the swiss mountain of Flüela- Valley. Only a 35 min. walk away from the Pischa Parkingplace. Enjoy local food, nice cold and hot drinks and relax on our big sun terrace or in the cozy guest room. Summer- and winterhikes, as well as snowshoeing, freeride or ski tours, the variety is infinite. Whether summer or winter, we welcome you the whole year long.

Weitere Informationen:
  • open until 1. April 2020
  • daily from 9:30 am - 5:00h pm
  • Thursday until 9:00 pm
  • Reservation for the evening from 10 people
  • Reserviation under +41 79 544 40 51
  • We don't accept credit cards
  • facebook or website 

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