Winter Walks Tours

244 Dischmatal-Weg

5,42 km
1:29 hrs.
147 m
2 m
Stage Tour TOP Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Davos Bünda
Destination of the tour
Davos Teufi
Lowest point
1.554 m
Highest point
1.700 m
  • Tour route
Source : Destination Davos Klosters

Follow the muleteers’ trail through the snowy Dischmatal valley from Davos Dorf to the Teufi. This winter hike is a dream for anyone seeking a peaceful and romantic experience.

An excursion into the side valleys is a great way to escape the bustle of Davos. Along with the Sertig Valley, the Dischmatal is particularly popular. It was once an important link for muleteers across the Scaletta Pass into Engadin, used primarily to import wine from Valtellina. Today, the trail is completely silent except for the babbling of the Dischmabach stream and the crunch of hikers’ shoes in the snow. The mountain slopes are close by and there are several slight inclines. Animal tracks can be seen in many places. Isolated stables and typical Walser houses lie dormant amid the beautiful, snow-covered landscape. Hikers will find it easy to imagine the people snuggling up in a thick blanket by the fireplace – and hard to imagine a more romantic walk, especially if they’re wearing warm, soft clothing themselves. The winter hike ends comfortably at the Teufi Restaurant. The local bus then brings them back to another world outside the valley.
Map and arrival
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