Cradle of the freestyle scene

The freestyle movement was founded in Davos in the 1980s. At that time, Jakobshorn was the only mountain where snowboarders could use the lift.

Jatzpark Jakobshorn

For many years now, Jakobshorn is the designated snowboarding and free-skiing hotspot. In order to be able to perfect your skiing acumen along different registers, the ski lift Jatz Junior is open at JatzPark with kickers and rails at 2,500m above sea level.

Short, intensive runs in a compact, multi-facetted and perfectly prepared park will greet the freestyler in the new and enlarged JatzPark on Jakobshorn. 

The lines can be built parallel to the lift, thanks to the availability of extra space. This allows us to offer four new lines: each one combined with rails and kickers for beginners and medium level skiers, a medium rail and a pro kicker line, so that Jatzpark has the most suitable elements on offer for the beginners as well as for the medium and pro levels, both for the novices as well as the professionals.

Jatzpark Davos
Freestyle fun

Airbag at Bolgen

At the foot of the traditional ski lift at Bolgen, the new airbag offers an additional treat for the freestylers. 4 kickers, diverse rails and an airbag measuring 15x15 are available to practice the jumps one always dreamed of trying.

Superpipe and air bag on Bolgen

Thank the location the super pipe at Bolgen, at the buttom of Jakobshorn and view on Davos, is one of the most beautiful pipes. Experience the ultimative runs in the legendary Bolgen Pipe, where big names of the Swiss snowboard scene made the base of their career – and always come back to visit.
If you want to improve your skills and want to exercise new tricks for the pipe and parc, you can do it next to the pipe – there is a big air bag of 15x15m available to exercise all the jumps, which you always wanted to try. 

Opening hours Superpipe

  • daily open
  • Fr and Sa evening from 6 pm till 9:30 pm
  • On Sunday- and Thursday-night the pipe will be shaped.
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