Off-piste to happiness

Endorphin rush on the mountain

Take a deep breath and head off. Momentum happens automatically, with powder snow flying up on both sides. It’s like you’re surfing. No, even better: it’s like floating. The slight hint of fear before you headed off? Forgotten. A glimpse back at the freshly skied line in the deep snow. Overwhelming happiness. That’s how it feels on a freeriding descent.

Which of us has never seen the daring videos on YouTube where freeriders ski down pristine, untouched slopes? It is perhaps the dream of everyone who has been infected by the ski virus. One thought begins to nag: “I want to do that too.” That’s how the desire to ski just as freely off-piste – and become a skiing hero – begins for many skiers. Here’s your opportunity: try freeriding.

In Davos Klosters, you can easily reach the various options for freeriding with the mountain railways.
One of Europe’s best freeriding arenas

A piece of advice in advance: you don’t need to grow a beard or wear a chequered shirt. All you need for freeriding is a special rucksack, an avalanche beeper and long, wide boards on your feet. And preferably a guide to show you around the Davos Klosters freeriding area.Everything else you need is provided: different slope gradients to help to find the optimum line. Six different ski arenas to enable you to still find untouched slopes several days after the last snowfall. And best of all, the lifts and cable cars that conveniently transport you up, revealing a wealth of different levels, from high-alpine to secured routes. Unlike in any other ski region, the piste-grooming services make sure that you feel really safe when freeriding on the yellow-signposted slopes.

in Davos Klosters

Tips: Freeride routes

Funi Line – new from winter 2018/19

Talking about feeling safe: there are two new offers for freeriders this winter. One of them is the Funi Line. It really lives up to its name, derived from the word ‘funicular’. This day tour combines all the secured but unprepared slopes in Davos Klosters. In short: there is no need to climb up. Just carve out new lines in the snow, savouring the fresh powder snow. The freeriding slopes can be skied from mid-December until mid-April depending on the snow conditions. Did you know? For your safety, the regional rescue services decide whether the secured slopes can be opened on not.

Detailed tour description: Funi Line
Freeride in Davos Klosters: Just carve out new lines in the snow, savouring the fresh powder snow.
3 Bahnentour – Davos, Arosa, Lenzerheide

Still want more? Then why not tackle the new 3 Bahnentour? It gives Freeriders access to an unforgettable day-long tour. First take the Parsenn funicular up to the summit of the Weissfluh. That’s where your powder snow fun starts, with a steep descent on the secured but unprepared and uncontrolled piste no. 9 (only accessible when open) to Sapün. This route was originally made famous by the Sherlock Holmes inventor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. En route, we might recommend a coffee break at the Heimeli in Sapün. Tip: While checking the train connection to Langwies, the trip with the train to Arosa is included. From Sapün follow the prepared path (note multiple use). From Langwies we continue directly to the Hörnliexpress in Arosa. There the famous ski safari begins with an unsecured trip to Tschiertschen. Then up with the ski lift and a last descent to Parpan/Lenzerheide, where the freeride tour ends.

Personal responsibility & guided tours

With the "3 Bahnen tour" you are off the controlled slopes and act on your own responsibility. The mountain railways company do not accept any liability. We recommend that you bring appropriate equipment with you and book a guide. Please be sure to respect the game reserves during the tour. Tip: The Davos Klosters mountain guides offer the tour every Monday in their winter programme (in German).

Detailed tour description: 3 Bahnentour

Current snow report & forecast for avalanche danger

Fresh-fallen snow ski area (last 24h) 0 cm
Depth of snow 47 cm
Depth of snow on summit 145 cm
Last snowfall 11.12.2018
Last snowfall in the ski area 11.12.2018
Interactive map

For further information on the latest snow and avalanche situation please visit

More Freeride tips

Freeride area Pischa

Pischa is one of the largest and sunniest freeride areas in Switzerland. Freeriding takes place on Pischa in untouched terrain. No slopes are marked, groomed or protected from alpine dangers. A paradise for original skiing.

Avalanche Training Center

At the mountain station of the Carjöl chair lift (Fuxägufer) on the Jakobshorn there is an avalanche training centre. Practice the correct use of the avalanche beacons under realistic conditions.

Guided Tours & Guide

Snowboarders and skiers must expect an avalanche off-piste at all times. The mountain railway company is not liable for the associated risks. So be on the safe side and register for a guided tour with a guide.

Book tip: Freeride Guide Davos Klosters

A total of 48 suggested variants from the ski resorts of Persenn, Jakobshorn, Pischa, Rinerhorn and Madrisa, described in detail on 168 pages and 106 illustrations. A must for every freerider.

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Wildlife areas & wildlife reserves

The unexpected appearance of a freerider can be problematic for wild animals in winter: an escape costs a lot of energy, which is then lacking to survive. Four simple rules help.

Freeriders are happy about a lot of fresh snow. For wild animals, on the other hand, this means one thing above all else: a naked fight for survival. Because what deer, deer, chamois and ibex normally scrape out of the snow to eat is now under a thick blanket of snow. Wild animals are therefore forced to use their energy sparingly. If they are disturbed and forced to flee, their survival is at risk.

Steinbock im Winter
4 rules while being out there
  • Respect designated wildlife areas and wildlife reserves
  • Stay on paths and marked trails in the forest
  • Avoid forest edges and snow-free surfaces
  • Keep your dog on a lead, particularly in the forest
View map of wildlife areas Learn more about wildlife areas

Freeride hotel packages & bookable Freeride days

Get to know the freeriding lifestyle

Anyone who is interested in a freeride adventure in Davos Klosters benefits from special hotel packages. Discover the most beautiful powder snow slopes in small groups of three to six people over three days with a guide. You will improve your skiing technique, learn to move safely away from the pistes and experience the feeling of freeriding up close.

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