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Glittering powdered snow stretching as far as the eye can see. Enjoying the untouched winter landscape off the beaten track. Here we go!

Untouched winter landscape
  • Mederger Flue: From the Schatzalp one heads in the direction of Strelapass, Mederger Flue towards Chörbshorn. Discover the most beautiful and untouched side of the Schatzalp.
  • In the tracks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: You are following in the tracks of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the round tour towards Arosa. You start off on the Weissfluhgipfel. On route we strongly recommend stopping for elevenses in Heimeli in Sappün. Onwards and the route heads via Langwies to Arosa and through Hörnli or Weisshorn to Tschiertschen. Back via Hüenerchöpf to Parpan, Churwalden or the Lenzerheide. The post van finally returns you to Davos. This route is the ultimate diverse experience - it is essential to book a guide.
Freeride resort Pischa

Pischa is one of the largest and sunniest freeride resorts with pristine and open terrain. There are no marked or prepared ski runs and no protection for potential Alpine risks. A paradise for all freeriders and nature-lovers, who seek original skiing. More about Pischa


Snowboarders and skiers travelling off-piste must reckon with avalanches at any time. The cable car companies are not liable for the associated risks. It is therefore best to be safe and register yourself for a guided tour. Mountain guides

Avalanche training centre
At the mountain station for the Carjöler chairlift (Fuxägufer) on the Jakobshorn it is possible to practice the correct use of an avalanche rescue beacon under realistic conditions. More

in Davos Klosters
Fresh-fallen snow ski area (last 24h) 0 cm
Depth of snow 0 cm
Depth of snow on summit 206 cm
Last snowfall 12.04.2018
Last snowfall in the ski area 12.04.2018
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For further information on the latest snow and avalanche situation please visit

Snow sports with caution

Snow crunches under the weight of your own step, sparkles in the white landscape, scurries in the wind. Life’s daily bustle is far away, but in close proximity are the elements of nature. With some luck, the rock ledges will begin to register the silhouette of an Alpine hare.

Wildlife-friendly in the nature

During winter, Alpine hare, snow grouse, and other wild animals are forced to conserve their energy owing to the cold and scant availability of food resources. If they are disturbed and forced to flee, your survival is endangered. In the worst-case scenario, they will die of exhaustion. 

However, whoever respects the nature and can show some caution upon seeing a wild animal can safely enjoy nature.

4 rules when out and about

Stick to these rules on your tours. You would have helped the wildlife survive the severe Alpine winter.

  • Note the quiet zones in the game sanctuaries and the wildlife preserves 
  • Keep to the forest paths outlined in the routes  
  • Avoid the outskirts of forests and snow-free areas 
  • Keep dogs on leash, especially inside the forest 

Quite zones at game sanctuaries and note the wildlife preserves

Respect Wildlife
Respect your boundaries
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