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Spengler Cup

The Wimbledon of ice hockey

The Spengler Cup is the world's oldest and most renowned international ice hockey tournament and a showcase for the entire sport. The importance of this event can be measured by its spectator numbers, TV viewing figures, budget and "glamour" factor. The magic formula for the Spengler Cup is made up of its location in the spa resort of Davos, its scheduling between Christmas and New Year, the coming together of different ice hockey approaches and its long tradition.

The Spengler Cup is the oldest international ice hockey team tournament and the winner's trophy of the same name was presented for the first time in 1923. Participating teams from across the globe are invited to attend by the host team HC Davos and, since 1984, Team Canada has also been playing in a team that does not correspond to the usual Canadian national team and is made up of Canadian players from European clubs. The tournament is held every year between Boxing Day and New Year's Eve in the Vaillant Arena in Davos.

Venue of the Spengler Cup: the Davos Vaillant Arena with 7080 spectator seats.
The most recent winners
  • 2015: Team Canada
  • 2014: Genève-Servette HC
  • 2013: Genève-Servette HC
  • 2012: Team Canada
  • 2011: HC Davos
  • 2010: SKA St. Petersburg
  • 2009: Dynamo Minsk    
  • 2008: Dynamo Moskau    
  • 2007: Team Canada
  • 2006: HC Davos   
  • 2005: Magnitogorsk  
  • 2004: HC Davos
  • 2003: Team Canada
  • 2002: Team Canada  
  • 2001: HC Davos
  • 2000: HC Davos


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