Davos World of Ice

Rediscovering ice skating

A hip revival - ice skating in Davos

An ancient winter sport is experiencing a hip revival in many places: ice skating. It has a long tradition in Davos. The Davos World of Ice adventure ice playground, which replaces the natural ice rink, will be opening for its second season this winter.

In London, glittering pop-up ice rinks have long been an attraction for a fun day-out in winter. Seemingly half of Vienna meets up to skate in front of the illuminated Town Hall. And now Davos is latching on to this major ice skating phenomenon with its World of Ice. True to its tradition, the Davos ice rinks are truly spectacular. Covering an area of 4,500 m², the Davos World of Ice is Switzerland’s largest mobile artificial ice rink. The 120 m long Crash Ice Canal is unique, a downhill section that truly challenges guests – the first system of its kind to be available to be general public worldwide. Elsewhere in the world, ice rinks with a gradient are only available as competition courses.

If you’d prefer less of an adrenaline rush, you might want to check out calmer themed ice rinks, including a separate children’s area, curling rink and an ice hockey rink, all of which are linked by a 570 m long and 3.5 m wide skateway. By contrast, romantics swear by the ice disco. The themed ice rinks are arranged in such a way that spectators can see what is happening on the ice from the viewing area of the Sports Centre. The rustic Capricorn chalet and the Time Out restaurant in the Sports Centre provide warmth and refreshments for anyone who needs to recharge their batteries for the next round.

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Davos World of Ice
with "World of Ice Adventure"

Admission prices to Davos World of Ice

Admission prices Local Guest Guest Card
Single adult entry
over 16 years old
CHF 8.00 CHF 9.00 CHF 8.00
Single child entry
age 6 to 16th birthday
CHF 6.00 CHF 7.00 CHF 6.00
10-entry adult pass CHF 76.00 CHF 86.00 CHF 76.00
10-entry child pass CHF 58.00 CHF 68.00 CHF 58.00
Group adult entry
10 people or more
CHF 7.00 CHF 8.00 CHF 7.00
Group child entry
10 people or more
CHF 5.00 CHF 6.00 CHF 5.00
Adult season pass
CHF 100.00 CHF 100.00 CHF 100.00
Child season pass
CHF 60.00 CHF 60.00 CHF 60.00
Adult annual pass
CHF 150.00 CHF 150.00 CHF 150.00
Child annual pass
CHF 90.00 CHF 90.00 CHF 90.00
Schools Free Group rate
Ice skates for rent (per day) CHF 6.50 CHF 6.50 CHF 6.50
Gletscherexpress: Helmet mandatory. Helmets and ellbow protectors are provided free of charge.
A surcharge of CHF 100.00 plus entry price will be made in the event of misuse.

World of Ice General Terms & Conditions

Opening hours Davos World of Ice

Season starts  2/12/2017 and ends 4/3/2018.

Official partners

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Davos World of Ice
A dream coming true
Contact address for the "Davos World of Ice"

Davos World of Ice
c/o Sportzentrum Davos
Talstrasse 41
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 415 36 00

Contact address for combined offers (e.g. curling with catering)

Destination Davos Klosters
Davos Services GmbH
Talstrasse 41
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 415 23 23

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