Curling and Bavarian Curling

Curling & Bavarian curling


Curling the granite stone over polished ice into the house is an art in itself, and is enjoying increasing popularity. Curling explained in brief: The teams attempt to play the stones as close as possible to the "house" in 6, 8 or 10 rounds. One point is awarded for every stone that lies closer to the "house" than the opponent's stones.

Bavarian curling

Bavarian curling is one of the oldest winter sports in the world. In the 16th century it was primarily farmers and craftsmen who ventured onto the ice and passed the winter days in this way. The sport requires that the ice stock (or Bavarian curling stone) glide across the ice. In terms of equipment it is recommended that leather-soled shoes are not worn. Bavarian curling explained in brief: The aim of Bavarian curling is to position the team's ice stocks as close to the tee as possible over the course of 6 rounds. This requires a great deal of patience on the ice! After all, who doesn't enjoy knocking the opponent out of play shortly before they win the game?

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