And action!

Davos Klosters boasts a rich cinema heritage. A tradition that lives on to this day at the cinema Kulturschuppen in Klosters.

It is no coincidence that Klosters used to be called "Hollywood on the Rocks" back in the 1950s. Nor that Hollywood director Marc Forster is an honorary citizen here. Davos’ cinematic history is, after all, rich in tradition – a tradition that reaches as far back as the century before last. The cinema and small theatre Kulturschuppen in Klosters presents theatre à la carte, as well as exciting feature films from outside the world of Hollywood.

Kulturschuppen Klosters
Äussere Bahnhofstrasse 3
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 422 51 64


Bowling is not only fun for all the family and friends when the weather is bad. The following hotels are equipped with bowling alleys, which are publicly accessible:

Bowling Bistro Bar 101
Promenade 101
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 416 36 73

Chesa Grischuna
Historic- und Romantik Hotel
Bahnhofstrasse 12
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 422 22 22

Silvretta Parkhotel
Landstrasse 190
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 423 34 35

Hotel Sport Klosters
Landstrasse 95
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 423 30 30

Adventure Rooms - 3 "The break-in"

Fascinating real life game in Davos!

Imprisoned in mysterious rooms! Will you be able to escape, before the countdown runs out? Experience a unique adventure in the Switzerland! The group of players will be locked up: the adventure room is completely their own, uncovering hiding places and secrete doors and find the meaning behind mysterious objects, devices, to get the clues to escape, before the countdown runs out! Experience a new type of adventure resembling a feature film or a computer game.

  • 60 minutes playing time
  • English or German
  • 2-8 players or duel possible (max. 8 versus 8)
  • Kids under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult
  • Registration requested

Children up to 16 years pay half price!

Current price list

More information on davos.adventurerooms.ch or bookable in the
Holiday Shop

AdventureRooms Davos
Promenade 67
7270 Davos Platz

The Magic Portal

The interactive outdoor adventure "The Magic Portal" in Davos!

Armed with an iPad and the Action Pack (bag with special game utensils) embark as a team on foot on a fascinating outdoor adventure through Davos (Davos Quest). Fun and teamwork guaranteed!

Now with a new set - a really fun challenge in winter!

Starting point of the magical portal is in Hard Rock Hotel at Tobelmühlestrasse 2 in Davos Platz.

- About 90 minutes playing time
- English or German
- Kids under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult
- Team Game 2-6 players together or multi-team game
  4-24 players competition

Children up to 16 years pay half price!

Current price list

Registration requested at dasmagischeportal.ch

Das magische Portal Davos
7270 Davos Platz

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