At full throttle through deep powder snow

Cruising through the winter on wide tyres

Snow, sand, debris or mud – nothing holds them back. You’re guaranteed not to topple over on these modified mountain bikes with tyres up to twelve centimetres wide. Originally invented in Alaska, fat bikes are now also used in winter in Davos Klosters – as ‘fun mobiles’ on the Pischa.

Perhaps it’s their over-sized thick tyres, sometimes up to 4.8 inches wide to be precise, that makes fat bikes such attention-grabbers. Or perhaps its the otherwise unusual season for biking. After all, as soon as most people have ‘hibernated’ their bikes for the winter – that’s when the fat bike season starts. And you can see people literally craning their necks to look when you cruise by on a fat bike. Riding enjoyment takes over once you’ve got used to their monstrous appearance. So much so that you’ll find yourself inwardly wishing that the snow would remain lying. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. These bikes ride especially easily on up to 30 centimetres of snow.

  • Fatbiken in Davos Klosters
  • Fatbiken in Davos Klosters
Cycling on snow has never been as much fun as with a fat bike.
An on-trend sport with an underestimated coolness factor

Many people are comparing this new on-trend sport to the early days of snowboarding. Who’s forgotten the days when many people thought the boards were more impractical than skis. They totally underestimated the ‘coolness’ factor. And it’s the same with fat bikes. And there's more: Alongside a traditional mountain bike, it’s like comparing a monster truck with a Fiat Panda: not as agile, but in contrast ten times more laid-back and significantly wider. These bikes originally came from Alaska. Today you’re guaranteed to find at least one model in every bike shop. And not just because it looks decorative – because it’s great fun too.

3 tips for your first fat bike outing
  • While you’re riding, always look far ahead. That way you’ll always see the obstacles in plenty of time.
  • The rear wheel seldom loses grip on the ground when you’re climbing – even on snow. Slipping wheels can be quickly corrected downhill. The wide tyres are simply not a great help on ice. 
  • In tricky situations it’s essential that you get your upper body down, elbows out and legs wide in true John Wayne style. And don’t brake too hard on the front wheel, otherwise you’ll end up flying over the handlebars. That's all there is to it. So with these tips in mind – ride on!
Fat bike fun
on Pischa

Fat bike tours on the Pischa

From easy to difficult: Four spectacular fat bike descents await you on the Pischa, all four offering wonderful views over the Flüela valley:

The Pischa offers four fat bike descents.
  • Tour 1: Pischa – Flüelamäder - Mäderbeiz – Dörfji: 3.5 km long, difficult
  • Tour 2: Pischa – Mäderbeiz direct route – Dörfji: 3 km long, easy
  • Tour 3: Pischa – Arvenwald – Dörfji: 3 km long, challenging
  • Tour 4: Pischa – Tschuggen – Dörfji: 5.5 km long, difficult

Introductory tour

The Davos Bike Academy Davos offers a two-hour introductory tour as part of the free Davos Klosters Inside guest programme.

The trend for alternative sports, like fat biking, continues unabated.
Fat bike hire

Don’t have your own fat bike? Hire one at the Pischa valley station:

  • Two-hour hire: CHF 45
  • Fat bike hire for the whole day: CHF 70
Information on lifts and cable cars on the Pischa

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Guided fat bike tours

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