Children's ski paradise

Unlimited fun in snow

Madrisa children's land

The Madrisa area is just right for families who love skiing. Numerous offers are specially tailored to the needs of families: A paradise for children. In the heart of the Madrisa ski resort, your child can really let off steam in the Kinderland. In Madrisa Land, our youngest guests have four magic carpets and various other aids at their disposal for their first attempts on the skis, while mum and dad can cheer them on from our cosy sunbeds. Those who can already brake and make their first turns will get their money's worth in Madrisa Park. On the children's cross for beginners you can apply what you have learned in a playful way. More about Madrisa




Klosters-Madrisa Bergbahnen AG
Verkaufsstelle Madrisa
Madrisastrasse 7
7252 Klosters Dorf
Tel. +41 81 410 21 70

Rinerhorn children's land

The Rinerhorn is known for its diverse offerings. At the trainer lift our small guests will find the mini course. It is possible to sweep past the figures with great oomph. The route goes on through the witches forest - before a small trial of courage appears in the form of the rocker. Through the loop - in other words head down - and then over the final jump and back up to the lift for the next descent. The pistes on the Rinerhorn are highly suitable for families and are not particularly difficult to master. More about Rinerhorn

Bergbahnen Rinerhorn AG
Verkaufsstelle Rinerhorn
Landwasserstrasse 49
7277 Davos Glaris
Tel. +41 81 417 00 30

Davos valley lifts


On the Bolgenhang in Davos Platz stands the first t-bar ski lift in the world - the Bolgen lift constructed in 1934. It is 344 metres long and requires a journey time of 2 min. On Bolgen one also finds the practice area for the Swiss snow sports school in Davos and the Top Secret ski school with the children's ski schools. Children from 3 years are playfully familiarised with skis in the ski kindergarten "Snowli Swiss Snow Kids Village". The "Swiss Snow Playground" will be added in winter 2019/20: Like on a playground, children playfully take their first steps on snow. They learn how to glide, balance and slide on skis or snowboard. Tip: Also suitable for adult ski beginners.

Twin chairlift Carjöl

Right next to the lift is the twin chairlift Carjöl. The first section provides access to a beginner piste, ideal for the first winter sports experiences and for beginners, who prefer chairlifts to t-bar ski lifts.


The Bünda area in Davos Dorf is also home to a further practice section for the Swiss snow sports school in Davos, complete with practice lift, ski courses for beginners and advanced skiers, as well as the ski kindergarten "Snowli Swiss Snow Kids Village" for children from 3 years.

Tariffs & tickets

Schweizer Schneesportschule Davos
Promenade 157
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 81 416 24 54

Top Secret Snowsports
Swiss Snowboard School + Ski School
Brämabüelstrasse 11
7270 Davos Platz
Tel. +41 81 413 40 43

Wiesen practice lift

For the younger holiday-makers in Wiesen a small but excellent practice lift, operated by the Wiesen ski school, can be found right in the centre. 

Schweizer Ski- und Snowboardschule Wiesen
Hauptstrasse 22A
7494 Davos Wiesen
Tel. +41 81 404 20 81

Klosters valley lifts


This is where the smallest become the biggest. A modern infrastructure, tailored to the needs of the smallest, makes starting out with snow sports so much easier.

Swiss Ski + Snowboard School Klosters
Bahnhofstrasse 4
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 410 28 28

Selfranga ski lift and Selfranga pony lift
  • Ski resort for the entire family, children, parents and grandparents alike
  • Pony lift for children, beginners and as feeder
  • Ski lift for good skiers
  • On Tuesday and Friday illuminated pistes for night-time skiing and boarder fun
  • Restaurant in homely ski chalet
  • Panoramic path to the ski chalet for pedestrians
  • Very sunny spot
  • Close to the village - also accessible on foot
  • Local bus stops close to the valley station in Selfranga
  • Sufficient parking in Selfranga

Genossenschaft Skilift Selfranga
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 422 13 92

Serneus Mottalift

When the flag at the lift is raised or displayed, the lift is open.

Opening Times:
23.12.2017 - 07.01.2018 09.30 - 12.00 hrs
13.30 - 16.00 hrs.
From 8. January 2018
Saturday & Sunday

09.30 - 12.00 hrs. & 13.30 - 16 hrs.
13.30 - 16.00 hrs.
1. - 26. February & March 2018
Saturday & Sunday
Tuesday - Friday

09.30 - 12.00 hrs. & 13.30 - 16.00 hrs.
13.30 - 16.00 hrs.
26. February - 2. March 2018 9.30 - 12.00 hrs. & 13.30 - 16.00 hrs.
Family-friendly prices
Day ticket children CHF 10
Half-day ticket children CHF 5
Day ticket adults CHF 15
Half-day ticket adults CHF 10

Single rides possible and season tickets available. Child-friendly service. Subscriptions and day tickets of Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG are also valid at the Mottalift. Information: Tel. +41 81 422 18 59 or +41 81 422 24 21

Lift ticket tariffs for valley lifts in Davos and Klosters

Bünda & Geissloch Lift Davos

Adults Children (0-16 years)
Single ticket CHF 3 CHF 2
Card: 20 points CHF 25 (2 points/1 ride) CHF 25 (1 point/1 ride)
Card: 40 points CHF 42 (2 points/1 ride) CHF 42 (1 point/1 ride)
Afternoon ticket (from 12:15) CHF 25 CHF 15
Day ticket CHF 30 CHF 20
Season pass CHF 240 CHF 120

Snowgarden Klosters

Adults Children (0-17 years)
1 hour-optional pass CHF 6 CHF 6
6 hours-optional pass CHF 30 CHF 30

Ski lift Selfranga Klosters

Adults Children (6-17 years)
Single ticket CHF 4 CHF 2
Day ticket CHF 30 CHF 15
Afternoon ticket (from 12:30) CHF 24 CHF 12
Point cards, transferable CHF 35
Evening ticket CHF 15 CHF 8
Ponylift Day ticket CHF 15 CHF 10
Ponylift Single ticket CHF 2 CHF 1
Ponylift - point cards CHF 10
Family pass * CHF 350
Season pass * CHF 150 CHF 100
*including night skiing and ponylift
Region ticket from Davos Klosters Mountains are only accepted during the day!
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