Cross-country skiing in Davos Klosters

Skating, classic, with or without your dog

Cross-country skiing at world cup ski runs – at no cost

The world elite among the cross-country skiers converges at the starting point every year to commemorate the Davos Nordic. Cross-country skiing at the FIS racing tracks in Flüelatal, where even Dario Cologna & Co compete for world cup points. Or you can leave your imprint along the romantic tributary valleys. You haven’t had enough? Get to the night cross-country ski-run. And the best is: Cross-country skiing at Davos is free! There are no vignette obligations for cross-country skiing.

The trail network in Davos Klosters encompasses over 100 km of classic trails and 75 km of skating trails across all difficulty ratings. They all have one thing in common: They are superbly well prepared. Furthermore, in Davos special dog trails can also be found along the Landwasser.

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Trail network of Davos Klosters

The trails are officially opened daily from 08.00 - 17.00 hours. There is no final inspection of the cross-country ski trails.

cross-country skiing davos klosters
Davos trails
  • 75,8 km classic cross-country trails
  • 56,4 km skating trails
  • Separate trails for classic and skating
  • 18,5 km dog trails
  • 2.5 km illuminated night-time trails (daily until 21:30 hrs)
Klosters trails
  • 27 km classic cross-country trails
  • 27 km skating trails
  • 2,6 km night-time trails (Tues 18:00 hrs to 21:30 hrs / Thurs 18:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs on the whole trail) - end of season 13.03.20

Special dog trails in Davos

There are three special dog trails in Davos. On 18.5 kilometres the four-legged friends can accompany their owners on the cross-country ski trail. A true nature experience.

Davos offers three specially marked dog trails.

Dog owners know only too well that their four-legged friend likes to romp in snow. Often, however, dogs are not seen or even undesirable on cross-country skiing trails. Unlike in Davos, there are three specially marked dog trails:

  • Bolgen - Islen
  • Islen - Frauenkirch
  • Frauenkirch - Ara Gadenstatt

Dogs are allowed to accompany their owners on a total of 18.5 km of trails. It doesn't matter if the dogs leave a few paw prints in the tracks. The only rule: please take into account other cross-country skiers so that the shared use of the cross-country skiing trails remains a pleasant experience for all.

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Herzloipe trail in Davos for beginners and heart patients

At the Davos Cross-Country Ski Centre there is a special trail called "Herzloipe". This is a short, flat circuit - especially for cross-country ski beginners and all those who want to strengthen their heart.

The Herzloipe Davos makes cross-country skiing easier for beginners - and trains the heart.

A short, signalled circuit without climbs, external defibrillators for emergencies and a good infrastructure on site: The Herzloipe trail at the Cross-Country Ski Centre Davos makes it easier for heart patients and beginners to get into cross-country skiing. 

Ten heart tracks throughout Switzerland

These special Herzloipen have been in existence since 2015 in Switzerland and the network of cross-country ski trails has been continuously expanded since then: With the Davos route, there are now a total of ten special cross-country ski trails. In Davos, the Herz-Reha, the community, the Davos Cross-Country Ski School, the cross-country skiing centre, Hofmänner Sport, the Swiss Heart Foundation and the Davos Klosters destination work closely together - and together with the Herzloipe offer a coordinated programme. Good to know: A visit to the Herzloipe is free of charge - as with all cross-country trails in Davos Klosters.

View map of the Herzloipe trail
Testimonials of the "Herzloipe" Davos
Christopher Tillmann, former rehab patient of the Heart Rehabilitation Davos

"I'm thrilled with Davos. After only one hour and the valuable input of the cross-country skiing instructor, I was able to master the "Herzloipe" well. I look forward to spending more time for cross-country skiing here. It's important to get people to move around. The "Herzloipe" trail is perfect for this, as it is flat and offers beginners and patients a great experience."

Michael Riklin, former rehab patient of the Heart Rehabilitation Davos

"It is a beautiful and very suitable cross-country skiing trail. It is highly recommended with good care for former patients. The caring factor seems to me to be an important aspect, so that one learns cross-country skiing correctly from the beginning and does not physically overreach oneself. This worked out very well here in Davos."

Why cross-country skiing is so healthy!

Many people swear by green tea, while others swear by superfoods. Each to their own. However, you really should be sure to do one thing if you want to do your body some good: cross-country skiing. Dr. Jan Vontobel, Senior Consultant in Cardiology at the Davos Cardio-Rehabilitation Centre, explains why.

Dr. Vontobel, have you already exercised today?
Yes. In winter I cross-country ski to work. I ski from Davos Dorf to Davos Wolfgang – there and back. That’s some 40 minutes of exercise. That is in line with the recommendation that people should take half an hour’s exercise at least five times per week.

Is this a sop to your conscience or does your body crave it?
On the one hand, I love to keep on the move. However, I have a healthy body and try to look after it. To achieve this, I get up a little earlier in the morning and use sport to invest in my health. And what’s more, the cold burns calories at the same time as stimulating the mind and body. I used to go swimming early in the morning when I was out in Vancouver. Outside! However, despite the brutal cold, I felt as strong as an ox throughout the entire day.

Forcing yourself to do something is not easy in the cold. What sports do you recommend in winter?
Cross-country skiing (laughs). Seriously, though, cross-country skiing is a good sport in winter because everything is very consistent. I’m always consistently warm,I sweat regularly and am able to regulate my effort. And another point: cross-country skiing is gentle on the joints, as the movements are of a gliding nature and there is no impact. This sport is therefore also ideal for overweight people or people who suffer from arthritis.

"It's never too late for exercise," says Dr. Jan Vontobel, Senior Consultant in Cardiology at the Davos Cardio-Rehabilitation Centre.

Is it worth taking it up even if I have not exercised properly for some time?
That’s the ideal time to do so! But don’t start off too ambitiously. You should start slowly if you have not been physically active for some time.

There are two cross-country skiing techniques: classic and skating. Which one would you recommend?
I would recommend classic cross-country skiing to a novice. It lets you exercise in a leisurely way. Real gliding will start as you progress – and you can also regulate your speed. That’s more difficult with the skating technique.

What is your personal preference?
I like both. I have more rhythm using the classic technique and can unwind with a circular exercise loop. However, I push my body to the limits when skating.

Cross-country skiing is a healthy winter sport: gliding over the trails in Davos Klosters improves endurance and the cardiovascular system.

What reason would you give for taking up cross-country skiing?
Getting started is easy, possibly on the “Heart Trail” in Davos. It’s a short, flat circular loop. This trail is ideal for cross-country novices and for anyone who wants to strengthen their heart. The”Heart Trail” opened in Davos last winter.

What was the reason  for its opening?
I’ve been working in the Davos High Alpine Hospital for almost two years. Most of my patients have done no exercise for some time. It’s essential to find out in therapy which type of sport they most enjoy. Cross-country skiing is ideal which is why I campaigned for the “Heart Trail”.

From around what stage do you see initial training success?
Very quickly. It’s worth having two hour’s of expert tuition. After a week of regular training, a novice has learned enough to have fun cross-country skiing. People quickly start enjoying their physical well-being and the good feeling of having been outside in the sunshine doing exercise.

The Davos "Heart Trail" is ideal for cross-country ski beginners - and for everyone who wants to train their heart.

Has the new trail paid off?
Yes, there’s a lovely story to illustrate this: A patient was referred to me who had undergone a heart transplant some 15 years ago. It was clear that he needed a new heart because of his poor condition. When he heard about the opening of the new “Heart Trail”, he definitely wanted to take part. He was thrilled when we organised a cross-country instructor for him and put together a personalised programme for him and suddenly he is motivated to have a second heart transplant.

Any other experiences with the Davos “Heart Trail”?
Our patients are curious and disappointed if they are initially told that they are not allowed to head out onto the trail – and have to leave it for a year. That’s why we offer regular events to which we also invite former patients to motivate them to take up cross-country skiing. The feedback hasbeen massive. but there are also worries.

Are these worries justified?
Statistically seen, there is more chance of something happening when you’re exercising than when doing nothing. However, these are mainly minor accidents. There is a small risk of something happening when you’re cross-country skiing. In the event of an emergency, staff at the “Hofmänner Sport” cross-country shop are trained in resuscitation. And there are also defibrillators at the cross-country centre.

From around what stage do you see initial training success?
Very quickly. It’s worth having two hour’s of expert tuition. After a week of regular training, a novice has learned enough to have fun cross-country skiing. People quickly start enjoying their physical well-being and the good feeling of having been outside in the sunshine doing exercise.

And finally: what hints would you give our readers to take away with them?
It’s never too late to take up exercise. Anyone who does not have a chronic disease and can climb up two flights of stairs with ease should simply try it. Preferably cross-country skiing on the Davos “Heart Trail”.

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