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The action mountain

A-Line's little brother

This spectacular roller-coaster for mountain bikers is 6 km long. With over 200 banked curves, jumps and waves, the Freeride Piste goes all the way from the Gotschna middle station down to Klosters. 50 steeply-banked bends await riders, which they have to attack without braking and with good skills and technique. 

Gotschna Freeride Piste

Over 30 tables, flattened mounds of earth with a steep run-up, have been constructed. The combinations of high jumps, solid waves and even vertical bends are only for experienced freeriders. The Gotschna Freeride Piste is winning riders over with its pure biking fun and the moderately steep gradient from Gotschnaboden down to the bottom station of the Gotschna funicular railway. The legendary "Whistler A-Line" in Canada's Whistler Mountain was the model on which the new run in Klosters was based.

Location Railway station Klosters Platz, Cable car Klosters - Gotschnaboden
Course Gotschnaboden - Klosters
Length 5.78 km, 590 meters
Requirements Biking skills: Single Trail and back country experience
Opening hours 20 - 21 and 27 June until 11 October 2020
Please note The trail has a special freeride signage
Costs Tariffs Davos Klosters Mountains
Rental Freeride bikes and equipment are available in the bike shops.
Gotschna Freeride Piste
5780 m
590 m
Gotschna Freeride Klosters
6 km of the finest downhill fun: Gotschna Freeride.

Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG
Verkaufsstelle Parsenn Klosters (Gotschna)
Gotschnastrasse 23
7250 Klosters
Tel. +41 81 417 68 00


Have you always wanted to feel free, with the blustering wind at your side boldly gliding through the air? Regional paragliding schools offer training courses and tandem flights. If you are a certified paraglider, you enjoy an unrivalled diversity and variety of launch sites and flying options.

On Parsenn there are five launch sites. Even advanced paragliders are recommended to get in touch with one of the paragliding schools in Davos and Klosters for professional advice on local conditions.

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Paragliding with view on Parsenn and Lake Davos
Paragliding with view on Parsenn and Lake Davos.
Starting sites on the Parsenn:

Approx. 150 m to the right towards the north of the middle station of the Parsenn funicular railway at a height of 2220 m above sea level. This pad can be used in summer and in winter. The best wind direction is NE-S.

Just below the top station of the funicular railway by the Parsenn Rapid chairlift. Ideal wind direction: SE, Altitude of the starting pad: 2650 m.

Parsenn-Weissfluh summit North
At an altitude of 2820 m, the highest starting pad in the Davos Klosters region with wonderful views across the Grisons Alps. 5 minutes walk from the Weissfluh summit top station, past the restaurant, right along the ski run to the windsock. This pad can only be reached on foot from the Weissfluhjoch top station (approx. 45 min. to an hour walk). Start direction: N, Degree of difficulty: easy.

Gotschnagrat North
At an altitude of 2280 m, less than a 3-minute walk. Follow the path to the right from the Gotschna cable car top station. Wind direction: NW-NE, Degree of difficulty: intermediate to difficult.

Gotschnagrat South
At an altitude of 2250 m, a 7-minute walk. Follow the path to the left from the top station, where the starting pad is located beyond the Schwarzseealp-Gotschnagrat chairlift with the windsock. Ideal wind direction: SE-S, Degree of difficulty: easy.

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