River rafting/Canyoning

For the fearless

Wild waters adventure

To conquer a river in a raft as a team – a shared feeling of success! «Beginners» as well as «White Water Experts» receive full benefits on the Vorderrhein river (between Ilanz and Reichenau) and the Landquart river (in Klosters and between Küblis and Grüsch).

Pure water adventure

The rafts are made ready at the boat launch. All participants are made familiar with the safety regulations as well as the paddle technique. A practical introduction to swimming in White Water is also part. This encourages the participants’ confidence in their own ability to return to the shore in case of falling overboard. Professional Rafting Guides make every reasonable effort to provide a safe trip. White water-wear is included in the price. We would like to emphasize that rafting with us is more than just an adventure – it is a Nature Experience of a special kind. Depending on the water level, the rivers feature levels of difficulty from II to V. 

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A fascinating Nature-Sports-Experience

Feel the Power of Nature in foaming waters, enjoy splash fun on natural water slides. Move downstream in accordance with the water, past ancient, grotesque “witnesses” of waterways, crystal-clear pools, splendid waterfalls and unique landscapes. Professional Canyoning Guides accompany you on the tour.

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