Stand Up Paddling

Meditative workout on Lake Davos

An activity that made life easier for Polynesian fishermen has now developed into a popular leisure pastime in Davos Klosters: stand-up paddling (SUP). As its name suggests, stand-up paddling is upright paddling on a surfboard specifically designed for this purpose. The new on-trend sport is simple to do, great fun and keeps you fit. Beat Conrad from the Lake Davos Surf Centre tells us all about it.

Apparently effortlessly Beat Conrad draws the paddle through the water and glides standing up on a surfboard over Lake Davos. The lake is as flat as a mirror in the early morning. It is written all over Conrad’s face that the new stand-up paddling trend is massive fun. And no wonder: the conditions here are amazing. A hang-loose feeling, just like in Hawaii.

Glide like a king over Lake Davos

Talking about Hawaii, SUP was inspired, among other things, by Polynesian fishermen, who went out hunting standing in their canoes. “The indigenous people of Hawaii also travelled around on floating boards,” adds Beat Conrad, who manages the Surf Centre at Lake Davos. But only one person had the privilege of paddling standing up: the king. Today guests in Davos Klosters can also feel a little ‘majestic’ as they glide silently over the surface of the water on a SUP board. And with good reason: “You have such an amazing view of the underwater world, the shore and the surrounding mountains,”says Conrad, explaining his fascination for this sport, and continues: “It’s like meditative surfing.” 

Work out like Cindy Crawford or Eva Longoria

Stand-up paddling is easy to learn, but a private lesson is still worthwhile to learn the basics. “You have to be able to swim but you don’t need to know how to row or surf. Simply stand up on the board and point your toes towards the end of the board. Then hold the T-piece at the top of the paddle with one hand, while using your other hand to hold the shaft. Then use it alternately to make paddle movements on the right and left of the board – you move forward effortlessly,” Conrad demonstrates. His eyes light up. And the best thing of all is that it really does not matter how old or fit you are. Everyone chooses the speed that want to move at and takes a break whenever they need to. A lot of different muscles are used in stand-up paddling: from the feet to the thighs, torso and arms right to the very tips of your fingers. In short, it represents great fitness training, which celebrity beauties, such as Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria and Alessandra Ambrosio, have also discovered. “So have a great time,” says Conrad and paddles off at a leisurely pace towards the centre of the lake.

Beat Conrad has transformed his passion into a profession: he manages the Surf Centre on Lake Davos.
Happiness in this world is to be found on a SUP board. At least according to Beat Conrad.
Stand Up Paddling
on Lake Davos

4 tips for your first attempts on the water

The right equipment is crucial

Don’t just jump on a board and head off. It is crucial that you have the right equipment. A 100-kilogramme man needs a different board to a woman weighing just 50 kilogrammes.

Paddle correctly

Hold the paddle with both hands and stretch out your arms in front of you. Place the paddle into the water as far forward as possible. The entire blade of the paddle should be in the water. Then pull the paddle through the water as far as your heel. The full force comes from your upper body.

Getting on and paddling off

Place the paddle at right angles on the board. Knee down on the board and try to assume a stable position. Place your feet approximately on the middle of the board and stand up slowly. Paddle off.

Don’t be afraid of the water

Step out onto the water. Even if the board may feel a little wobbly and unfamiliar at the beginning, you will quickly get used to it – and nothing stands in the way of the paddling fun. It’s a promise!

SUP hire centre and courses

If we’ve whetted your appetite to try out stand-up paddling in Davos, head straight for the Lake Davos Surf Centre. It offers a range of taster courses, individual and group lessons as well as the hire of SUP boards and paddles. The SUP season runs from mid June to September.

Surfcenter Davosersee
7260 Davos Dorf
Tel. +41 76 589 38 46

The Surfcenter Davosersee rents out SUP boards and paddles.
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