Madrisa Land

A children's paradise

Fabulous world of myths & legends

Madrisa-Land is the first adventure park in the Swiss Alps that also allows physically and visually impaired children to play. In the beautiful Kinderland with its magnificent view, young and old can really let off steam at around 1900 metres above sea level while jumping, sliding, playing water games, swinging and much more. Additional attractions are provided by Trotinett or the 3D Archery Park. Have a chat with the animals in the Madrisa Animal Park!

Children's land, fairytale world, paradise of legends

Countless farmsteads, copses and valleys form the stage for a mythical world and transform Madrisa into a dream mountain for families. On Madrisa you will also find the first alpine experience park, which is also accessible to physically and visually impaired guests. 

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