Nordic walking

Healthy full-body training

With fun and pleasure through the mountain landscape of Davos Klosters: The Nordic walking technique is similar in movement style to cross-country skiing and is very easy to learn. Nordic walking is suitable for the young and those who keep actively fit and who wish to enjoy healthy full body training. It is gentle on the joints and stimulates the circulatory system to a healthy degree.

Davos round tours

Davos offers three marked round routes 2.8 km, 8.1 km and 13.1 km in length, which start at the car park for the Jakobshornbahn cable car and head via Bolgen through the Clavadeler forest.

Klosters round tours

Klosters offers three marked round courses of 7.5 km, 13.0 km and 17.8 km, which run from the old railway car park towards Novai.

    • Old railway car park - Mälcheti - 7.5 km - 50 vertical metres
    • Old railway car park - Masura - Alp Pardenn - 13 km - 150 vertical metres
    • Old railway car park - Alp Garfiun - Alp Novai - 17.8 km - 170 vertical metres
        Weekly Nordic walking courses

        Weekly Nordic walking courses are listed in the guest programme "Active Summer". Aktiv Summer Events

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