Klosters Circuit Trail Stage 3 - "Gadäwäg" Connection

3,02 km
0:58 hr
140 m
38 m
Stage Tour TOP Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Bus stop «Aeuja Alte Post»
Destination of the tour
Bus stop «Monbiel Parkplatz»
Lowest point
1.207 m
Highest point
1.316 m
  • Tour route
  • Family friendly
Source : Destination Davos Klosters

Nice trail across forests and meadows, along the Landquart River and over the suspension bridge to the start of the Gadäwäg or to the bus stop at the Monbiel car park.

This rather short stage of the Klosters Circuit Trail invites you to start with a leisurely break at the barbecue site, then walk into the valley and finish with an exciting walk over the shaky suspension bridge or afterwards explore the Gadäwäg. On this stage you will discover that Klosters is also exposed to the forces of nature. You will follow a section of the path that was buried by a slide in spring 2019. You can see a detention basin, which is part of the flood protection project that was set up after the floods in 2005.



Follow the signposts in the direction of "Aeujer Mälcheti". As soon as you reach the huts at "Aeujer Mälcheti", follow the path to your left until you reach a small bridge. Cross this bridge and follow the signs towards "Monbiel". The path leads you onto a gravel road. Follow it to your right until you see the suspension bridge to your left. Cross the bridge and follow the path up towards the road. Make a right turn to reach the first stable of the "Gadäwag". If you turn left instead and follow the road, you will reach the bus stop "Monbiel Parkplatz" after a very short walk.
Tip of the author
Dare venturing over the wobbly suspension bridge with its beautiful view towards the Silvretta glacier.
Public Transit
Take the local bus to the "Aeuja Post" bus stop.
Map and arrival
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