Gadäwäg - Klosters Circuit Trail Stage 5

3,89 km
1:09 hrs.
138 m
152 m
Stage Tour TOP Easy
Best season
Lowest point
1.277 m
Highest point
1.389 m
  • Scenic
  • Tour route
  • With refreshment stops
  • Family friendly
  • Cultural/historical value
Source : Destination Davos Klosters

Mountain barns, blackened by the sun, characterise the mountain landscape of Klosters and are scattered all over the pastures. In Klosters these barns are called "Gadä" and five of them have been rebuilt along the hiking trail from Monbiel to Russna offering exciting and informative presentations on mountain farming and tourism.

The typical little mountain barns are spread all over the alpine meadows in Davos Klosters. They symbolise the landscape-shaping role of mountain farmers. In Klosters, these barns are called „Gadä“. Five of them, which are located along the hiking trail from Monbiel to Russna have been transferred into places for lingering and meeting. In the "Mountain Barn", visitors are treated with Klosters agricultural soundscapes, in the „Land Barn“ one learns of the different species of animals living on the Alp and the centre of attention in the „Chicken Barn“ are mountain herbs. In the „Rüti Barn“, farmer and ski teacher Thomy Kasper together with seven friends talk of the symbiosis of agriculture and tourism. The „Culture Barn“ offers local artists and craftspeople an interesting platform. An audio guide in English and Chinese is available for the stories of the Gadäwäg.
Public Transit
Take the local bus to the Monbiel car park ( terminal station ).
Parking Monbiel ( fee CHF 1.00 per hour)
Getting There
By car to the Monbiel parking area.
Map and arrival
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