Circular tour of the Flüela Jöriseen lakes

11,06 km
4:30 hrs.
893 m
893 m
Stage Tour Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Wägerhus, on the Flüela Pass
Lowest point
2.208 m
Highest point
2.787 m
Source : Destination Davos Klosters
The starting point for this tour is the «Wägerhus» post bus stop. The trail heads in a north-easterly direction over the slope, crossing meadows and scree fields, up to the Winterlücke. Prepare to admire the magnificent views over the Jöriseen alpine lakes, the peaks of the Silvretta massif and the Piz Linard. Descend along the left-hand edge of the glacier, picking your way through the Jöriseen lakes. The path then continues up to the Jöriflüelafurgga and from there back downhill towards the «Wägerhus».

Points of interest: Flüela / Jöriseen Circular Tour

Leave the bus at the Wägerhus on the Flüela road and take the mountain track behind the former shelter.

Jöriseen lakes
From the pass, follow a scree slope down to the plateau punctuated by lakes. The largest of these Alpine lakes is milky green in colour and is fed underground by the melt water from the Jöri glacier. The outflow from this lake falls as the Jöribach stream into the Jöri Valley and onward to Vereina. The water in the other lakes is of a deep blue colour and clear enough to see right to the bottom.

This Furgga pass links the Davos Flüela Valley to the Jöri and Vereina Valleys in the parish of Klosters.

Return to Davos by bus.

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Wägerhus - Winterlücke - Jöriseen - Jöriflüelafurgga - Wägerhus
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