11,48 km
4:30 hrs.
954 m
748 m
Stage Tour Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Post bus stop, Monstein
Lowest point
1.613 m
Highest point
2.580 m
Source : Destination Davos Klosters
This hike follows the alpine road behind Monstein up to the Oberalp and on to the Fanezmeder. It crosses the Upper Alpbach stream underneath the small escarpment in front of the Fanezmeder. It continues, in parts not on an actual path, across gently rising, flower-filled Alpine meadows into the hollow of the Bärentällis. In no time at all, you will come to the Fanezfurgga. Now head in an easterly direction down to the first small stream and continue on crossing the stream above the waterfall. There is now a sharp climb followed by a steep descent down to the terminal moraine of the former Chüealp Glacier and onwards to Sertig Sand.

Points of interest: Fanezfurgga

Monstein still has the distinctive features of a typical Walser village. The village is a small gem of timber houses - some of which are still covered with larch tiles - and stores on stilts. The view from Monstein leads directly into the Albula Valley. Monstein is home to one of Europe's highest breweries. You can sample the beer, brewed with fresh mountain spring water, in the BierVision or in the Ducan and Veltlinerstübli restaurants. Go on, treat yourself to this refreshing drink! Cheers! After Monstein, take VBD line 7 to Glaris railway station and then take line 10.

Oberalp is one of the three Monstein alps. Look back over your shoulder to marvel at the beautiful location of Monstein nestling amidst the magnificent spruce and larch forests.

The Fanezmeder mountain meadows are part of the Monstein Oberalp. They are well-known for being home to the exceptionally good herbs that grow here, which help to produce outstanding hay.

The Fanezfurgga lies between the Dolomite ridge of Strel and the Chrachenhorn. The Ducan chain is separated from the Monstein chain by the valley of the Val da Stugl and the Ducan Valley. The Fanezfurgga mountain pass leads from Monstein through the Oberalp Valley over into the Ducan Valley and then down into the Sertig Valley.

Ducan Valley
The Ducan Valley extends some 4.5 km from the Wasserfall Alp in the Sertig Valley up to the Ducanfurgga.

Sertig Dörfli
Sertig Dörfli is undoubtedly one of the most popular excursions for visitors to Davos. Set again the backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery, a mighty waterfall and a splendid mountain church, it simply cannot fail to enchant visitors. Indulge yourself with some of the fine delicacies on offer in the Walserhuus or Bergführer restaurants. Return to Davos on the local bus.

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Dorf Monstein - Oberalp - Fanezmeder - Fanezfurgga - Ducantal - Sertig Sand
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